PCC-SEARCA study identifies weaker players in value chain for carabao, carabao-based products; interventions supplied

In the production of carabao and carabao-based products up to the marketing aspects, who gets the least benefits? Mostly those in the production site, who are the farmers and the producers, studies revealed. “They are the identified weaker players,” results of the studies on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) said. The study, according to Zadieshar […]

Researchers urged to use molecular biology techniques in biotech research

Researchers, especially on livestock biotechnology, should be familiar with molecular biology techniques as these are the forefront of most modern scientific researches in livestock, Dr. Claro Mingala, Scientist II, of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), said. “We encourage more researchers to use molecular biology techniques because only a few are using them here in the […]

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