Information and Library Services

Brief Description

PCC, through its Applied Commmunication Section (ACS), disseminates relevant knowledge and information about its program and services using information, education, and communication (IEC) materials complemented with multimedia materials. IECs about PCC, its stakeholders and other beneficiaries of the program are published in various formats to suit the specific needs of its readers.

Likewise, to help various researchers (students, professional and other groups), PCC established a Library with references pertaining to buffaloes/carabaos and either related fields. All Library materials are for room use only except for employees and affiliates who may wish to borrow and take out the materials.

Services Standard

Depending on the availability of IEC/multimedia materials, interested individuals or organizations may send their letter of request or visit PCC to have copies of the PCC information materials. These materials can also be readily accessed or borrowed from the PCC Library.

Everybody who wishes to use library would be attended to according to their needs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays.


A. Inquiries / Request for IECs / Multimedia Materials and Other Information

1. Receive request Letter of Request Requesting Party As it comes
2. Approve and forward request to concerned staff Executive Director/ Information Officer/ Concerned Staff 0.5 day
3. Prepare information requested Information Officer/ Concerned staff May vary (will depend on the data/information needed)*
4. Send reply to requesting party Reply letter and attachment Information Officer/ Concerned staff

* Request for information on specific subject/issue about carabao are attended to within 2-3 days. For information which requires search and consolidation, the period maybe longer.

B. Library

1. Register in the logbook Identification Card Researcher 1 minute
2. Request researcher to leave his/her things at the designated place for Library users Librarian 1 minute
3. Seek assistance of the Librarian Researcher May vary
4. Guide researcher to find the references needed Librarian Information Officer/ Concerned staff May vary