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Mga Produkto Mula sa Gatas ng Kalabaw

Buffalo is an important livestock resource. Aside from providing draft power, it also contributes to the nutritional need of the farming community. The nutritional and economic value of its milk provide important agribusiness investment options today.

Written in Filipino, this manual was produced to effectively transfer knowledge on milk processing and serves as a guide in training members of dairy cooperatives.

It contains easy-to-follow procedures on how to make different products from buffalo's milk.

No. of Pages: 71 | Edition: 2000

Cooking with Carabao's Milk

It is a cookbook which complies original recipes from the family of Danilo V. Fausto, owner of a private dairy buffalo-based outfit. It is authored by his daughter, Raquel Fausto. Her artistry, as a photographer and as a Fine Arts students at the University of Santo Tomas, was also showcased in this cookbook.

No. of Pages: 78 | Edition: 2009

Buffalo Meat Recipes

It is a compilation of selected recipes for home cooking (viands) and buffalo meat products' recipes for commercial operation. Guides to buffalo cuts and recommended cooking and proceswsing methods are likewise presented in this book.

The recipes reflect the output of research initiatives for the development of buffalo meat products undertaken by the Animal Products Development Center-Bureau of Animal Industry (APDC-BAI), Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster-College of Agriculture-UPLB, Department of Food Science and Technology, Central Luzon State University (DFST-CLSU) and PCC-DA. It also includes winning recipes from the National Meat Processing contest conducted by APDC-BAI and the Nueva Beef Cooking Contest conducted jointly by DFST-CLSU, Philippine Association of Food Technologist, and PCC-DA.

No. of Pages: 192 | Edition: 2010

Papugay sa Kalabaw

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