Animal Health Laboratory Services

Brief Description

To maintain a disease-free environment and control possible disease outbreaks, PCC established its own animal health laboratory. This facility caters to the National Impact Zone clientele, National Gene Pool and PCCenters nationwide. It will also provide assistance to researchers and academicians involved in animal health and biological sciences, and conduct collaborative researches. At present, the laboratory performs fecalysis, blood parasite examination, serological testing (BPT-Brucella Test), bacterial isolation and antibiotic sensitivity testing. The laboratory also commenced the use of molecular (PCR) assays for detection of microbial pathogens.

Service Standard

Normally, once the request is approved, the examination is completed and the results can be released within 2 to 6 working days except for the mouse inoculation test (MIT) which needs 21-day observation. Release of the results also depends on the number of samples submitted and test conducted.


1. Submission and receipt of samples Request Form Requesting Party As it comes
2. Examination Proper:
a. Parasitological Analysis b. Hematological Analysis c. Serological Testing
d. Bacterial Isolation
e. Antibiotic Sensitivity Test f. PCR Assay
- Laboratory Staff/ Laboratory In-charge a. 1 day b. 2 days c. 1 day d. 4 days e. 4 days f. 2 days
3. Record the results Log Book Laboratory Staff/ Laboratory In-charge Right after the examination
4. Prepare and certify laboratory results Laboratory Result Form Laboratory Staff/ Laboratory In-charge 1 day
5. Release of laboratory results - Laboratory Staff 0.5 day
TOTAL 2-6 Days

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