Cotabato Province to boost cara-indusry, models sustainable carapreneurship in Central Mindanao

The Cotabato Provincial Ordinance No. 684, also known as the Enhanced Carabao Propagation and Promotion Ordinance, has been enacted to bolster the local agricultural sector and uplift the livelihood of farmers.

This legislation aims to revitalize carabao farming, enhance productivity, and foster sustainable practices focusing on the preservation and promotion of carabao farming as a foundation of rural livelihood.

“At its core, the ordinance seeks to achieve multiple objectives, each designed to promote carabao farming and its associated industries. The implementation of this ordinance would lead to greater good of the cara-industry in the province,” DA-PCC at University of Southern Mindanao (DA-PCC at USM) Center Director Geoffray R. Atok said.

Director Atok also expressed his gratitude to the provincial government of Cotabato led by Governor Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza who recognizes the crucial role of carabaos in agriculture. The ordinance prioritizes efforts to boost carabao population and productivity which will result in the resurgence in the number of carabaos across Cotabato Province.

In addition, the ordinance encourages the development of backyard dairy farming through carabao raising. By producing milk locally, smallholder farmers can meet the nutritional needs of their families while simultaneously reducing reliance on imported dairy products. This not only supports local farmers but also contributes to the economic sustainability of Cotabato by keeping revenue within the community.

Central to the ordinance is the institution of measures aimed at ensuring the full protection of carabaos, particularly breedable animals. Regulations on slaughter and transportation are put in place to safeguard the breeding stock and prevent depletion of the carabao population, ensuring its long-term sustainability.

The implementation of the Enhanced Carabao Propagation and Promotion Ordinance marks a transformative phase of agricultural advancement in Cotabato Province. This legislation not only promotes sustainable farming methods but also empowers farmers and ensures the well-being of carabaos. It sets an example for rural development and economic resilience in the entire region.