DEW project reinvigorates PCC workforce

PCC currently engages in establishing a culture of commitment for excellence at work.

Every Monday, PCC’s core workforce attends seminar-workshop on Developing Excellence at Work (DEW).

It started last October and winds up June next year.

The DEW Project, which gets inspiration from “dew” that refreshes and reinvigorates, aims to establish a culture where there is a passionate commitment to excellence characterized by high productivity, full engagement and inspired leadership.

The participants are inspired to build teamwork and develop edifying values. It also encourages participants to identify personal and social factors that hinder the fulfillment of the corporate vision, mission, and core values, among others.

The Project implements four modules. They specifically address character, skills for self improvement, spiritual foundations, and relationships.

The strategies for teaching and learning include multi-media lecture presentation, video presentation, and small-group discussion.

An office atmosphere that empowers every worker is developed at the end of the project.

Also expected is a work area in which conflicts within and between divisions are reduced, a division-based conflict management system is established, a system of accountability is created between workers and officials, and a greater commitment to PCC operational goals is imbibed by the PCC workforce.

Religious-inspirational speaker Dr. Ronnie D. Domingo, who is based in the Science City of Muñoz, serves as the mainstay lecturer in the duration of the DEW project.