Organizational Structure and Management

Office of the Executive Director

Arnel N. Del BarrioExecutive Director III

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32

Jonald A. AlmueteAdministrative Aide IV (Driver)
Honeylyn Q. PalileoExecutive Assistant
Christine Jill C. SotoAdministrative Assistant V

Office of the Deputy Executive Director

Caro B. SalcesDeputy Executive Director III

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 489

Sonia D. PolScience Research Specialist I


Ma. Theresa R. SawitSenior Science Research Specialist
Ericson N. Dela CruzProject Development Officer II
Billy James B. PadreProject Evaluation Assistant
Randolph B. TolentinoFarm Superintendent II
Jonathan Sam C. SottoAdministrative Assistant V
Denver P. De GuzmanProject Evaluation Assistant

Manila Liason Office

Alan M. DoctorProject Development Officer III

Management Systems Audit Office

Minda R. DiloyInformation Officer IV/ Integrated Management Representative
Thaleeya Mae SantiagoAdministrative Asst. II
Cherry May E. Dela CruzNurse I

Internal Audit Section

Zadieshar G. SanchezAdministrative Officer V/ Head IAS
Christian P. GonzalesAdministrative Assistant V (Internal Audit Associate)

Planning and Information Management Division

Liza G. BattadProject Development Officer V/ Chief, PIMD

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 425

Planning Section

Alvin V. DavidProject Development Officer III
Jan Czarina M. SalasProject Evaluation Officer I
Julie Marie SebastianAdministrative Assistant V

Business Development and Commercialization Unit

Pauline A. MaramagFinancial Analyst
Joshua G. VillanuevaScience Research Analyst

Information and Communication Technology Section

Jeffrey Jerome M. BalaoingInformation Technology Officer I / Head, ICTS
Aldrin P. ArichetaComputer Maintenance Technologist
Aliyah C. VentanillaComputer Programmer I

Administrative, Financial and Management Division

Aimee T. FulgencioAdministrative Officer V/ OIC-AFMD

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32 local 429

Accounting Section

Cherry Pearl C. RiveraAccountant III / Head, Accounting
Rexon R. Fernando Jr.Administrative Assistant V
Lizelle C RodriguezAdministrative Assistant V
Limuel B. VillasorAdministrative Assistant V
Sherwin B. SantosAdministrative Assistant V
Emilio B. CabanisasAdministrative Assistant V
Jeffrey Laurence E. AntolinAdministrative Assistant V
Carole S. EstipularAdministrative Assistant V
Elizabeth R. ColoradoAdministrative Assistant V

Budget Section

Aimee T. FulgencioAdministrative Officer V/Head, Bugdet Unit
Haydee T. SevillaAdministrative Officer IV
Benilynn T. GuillermoAdministrative Assistant V

Cash Section

Victorino T. CapiralAdministrative Officer V/ Head, Cash Unit
Ariel M. MarianoAdministrative Officer II
Julma T. RiveraAdministrative Assistant II

Human Resource Management Section

Cecilia C. AboAdministrative Officer V/ Head, HRMS
Mark Ronnel P. TungpalanAdministrative Officer IV
Dennis M. SorianoAdministrative Officer II
Helen Grace T. AblazaAdministrative Assistant V
Amijan T. FerryAdministrative Assistant VI
Marcus Lurenzo M. LugodAdministrative Assistant V
Paulyn Grace L. SaturnoAdmiistrative Assistant II

Records Section

Cecilia C. AboAdministrative Officer V/ Head, Records Section
Harvy G. DivinaAdministrative Assistant II

Procurement Section

Noemi V. BalaisAdministrative Officer V/ Head,Procurement Unit
Vivian Joy NartatezAdministrative Officer II
Benjamin R. GonzalesAdministrative Assistant VI
Jan Michael C. MurlaAdministrative Assistant V
Jonalyn A. EbitAdministrative Assistant II
Mary Joy V. SarmientoAdministrative Assistant II

Property Section

Mary Lei B. BautistaAdministrative Officer IV/ Head, Property Section
Marissa L. OctavioAdministrative Assistant III
Michael Vincent A. LeañoAdministrative Assistant V
Eleah Vida V. PelayoAdministrative Assistant V
Richard D. BaduaAdministrative Assistant V
Jerome L. MontealtoAdministrative Assistant V

General Services Section

Eduardo P. DalusongFarm Superintendent II/ Head General Services Section
Francisco V. SantiagoProject Asst. IV
John Mark B. RagudosEngineer I
Wilfredo C. HensesAdministrative Aide III ( Driver)
Rodolfo S. CarlosAdministrative Aide III ( Driver)
Ismael A. GajoneraAdministrative Assistant V
Elias V. CaymoDriver
Elvin M. CastilloDriver
Elmer M. CastañedaDriver


Kristine Jen G. Sta. InesHostel Manager

Knowledge Management Division

Eric P. PalacpacInformation Officer V/ Chief, KMD

Tel. No.: (044) 456 0731 to 32

Applied Communications Section

Rowena G. BumanlagInformation Officer III
Ma. Cecilia C. IrangInformation Officer I
Chrissalyn L. MarceloAdministrative Assistant IV
Charlene S. JoaninoScience Research Analyst

Learning Events Coordination Section

Khrizie Evert M. PadreInformation Officer II
Rovelyn JacangScience Research Specialist I
Erwin ValienteScience Research Specialist I
Charlene P. CorpuzAdministrative Assistant V

Research Development Division

Annabelle S. SarabiaAgricultural Center Chief IV/ Chief, RDD

(456) 0729

Marissa Mae P. RomeroScience Research Analyst
Bernadeth S. NiegosAdministrative Assistant II
Kevin Dave D. ChoScience Research Specialist I
Hannah Flor G. JalotjotScience Research Assistant
Armando ReyesAgricultural Technician I

Reproduction and Physiology

Danilda H. DuranHead, Reproduction and Physiology Section/Scientist I
Eufrocina P. AtabayScientist I
Edwin C. AtabayScientist I
Peregrino G. DuranScienctist I
Marlon B. OcampoSupervising Science Research Specialist
Flocerfida P. AquinoSenior Science Research Specialist
Lerma C. OcampoSenior Science Research Specialist
Excel Rio MaylemScience Research Specialist II
Rodante V. De VeraLaboratory Aide II
Ivan Carl J. Dela RosaScience Research Assistant
Ramesh C. TilwaniScience Research Specialist II
Jessica Gay M. OrtizScience Research Specialist I
John Paul R. ApolinarioLaboratory Technician
Shanemae M. RiveraResearch Assistant
Roseline D. TadeoScience Research Specialist I
Zeshalyn P. FajardoResearch Assistant
Henry Paulo A. VenturinaAgricultural Technician II
Joseph Oliver C. LofrancoScience Research Assistant
Reymond N. SeraldeLaboratory Aide
Augustu Rey Anthony LaurenaScience Research Assistant

Animal Breeding and Genomics Section

Ester B. FloresProject Developmet Officer IV/ Head, Genomics and Bioinformatics Section
Kristine Joy P. PradesSr. Science Research Specialist
Melinda N. ReyesScience Research Specialist II
Jennifer F. MarambaLaboratoryAide II
Jonathan C. PabloScience Research Specialist I
Aaron F. Dela CruzScience Research Analyst
Cathirine CacayuranProject Assistant I
Mar Kristoffer M. DelizoProject Assistant III
Jonalyn D. Delo SantosScience Research Analyst
Noriel B. EstebanScience Research Analyst
Emmanuel N. BacualScience Research Analyst
Paulene S. PinedaScienc Research Analyst
Gillane G. GantioqueScience Research Specialist I
Sherwin D. MatiasScience Research Specialist I
Jonalyn D. Delos SantosScience Research Specialist I

Biosafety and Environment Section

Nancy S. AbesProject Evaluation Officer III/ Head, Biosafety and Environment Section
Marvin A. VillanuevaSenior Science Research Specialist( OIC)
Claro N. MingalaScientist III/ Livestock Biotech Center Chief
Ma. Wynne PagaduanTraining Specialist III
Michelle M. BalbinScience Research Specialist II
Lawrence BelotindosScience Research Specialist I
Charito GutierrezProject Assistant III
Eduardo N. Nastor Jr.Project Assistant III
Daryl G. Dela CruzScience Research Assistant
Noemi C. RamiloScience Research Analyst
Mary Rose D. UyScience Research Specialist I
Paula Blanca V. GabanScience Research Specialist I
Marah A. ArqueroScience Research Assistant
Gabriel Alexis TubalinalScience Research Specialist I
Ferdinand B. CuencaAdministrative Aide I
Nina Angelika P. RiosProject Assistant
Emyn D. ErmitanioScience Research Specialist I
Leonard Paulo G. LuceroScience Research Specialist I
Jehan F. NaygaScience Research Analyst
Joel A. MiguelScience Research Analyst

Production Systems and Nutrition

Cyril P. BaltazarFarm Superintendent II/ Head, Genepool
Phoebe Lyndia T. LlantadaScience Research Specialist II
Charity I. CastilloScience Research Specialist I
Reynald D. AmidoScience Research Analyst
Christian C. LacanilaoScience Research Assistant
Jeremy B. CasamisScience Research Assistant
Arvy Crizzel M. CruzScience Research Assistant
Ericson M. De CastroFarm Worker
Reymar C. InocencioFarm Worker
Manuel L. FlorentinoFarm Worker
Joel D. SantiagoFarm Worker
Karl Reginald D. ManagaScience Research Assistant
Emeren San AndresScience Research Assistant
Redick L. MarzanScience Research Analyst

Socio Economic and Policy Section

Ma. Theresa R. SawitSenior Science Research Specialist, Head, Socio Economics and Policy Research
Riozel Joy S. SuratosScience Research Analyst
Estella P. ValienteScience Research Specialist II
Wilma T. Del RosarioSenior Science Research Specialist/ Head, National Impact Zone
Mario M. DelizoProject Development Officer II
Cecilio R. CastañedaFarm Superintendent II
Clarissa A. OdsigueScience Research Specialist II
Jimmy C. Espina Jr.Agriculturist II
Genaro S. CandelariaSenior Research Technician IV
Myra Sheryll C. DacwagAdministrative Asst. V
Micko Roa L. Dela CruzScience Research Analyst

Carabao Enterprise Development

Abella, Mina P.Supervising Science Research Specialist/ Head, Carabao Enterprise Development Section
Patrizia Camille O. SaturnoScience Research Specialist II
Charlene Jade S. CabralScience Research Assistant
Katrina A. CruzStore Manager
Marivic A. OrgeProduction Supervisor
Teresita M. BaltazarFood Technologist
Benjamin V. JoseFood Technologist
Jennica V. JoveLaboratory Assistant
Romina Karla G. BucoAdministrative Asst. V
Joseph Arman I. AgapitoCanvasser/Buyer
Jefferson F. DominguezDriver
Ewy-Joe E. AntipuestoScience Research Assistant
Jenica SalazarScience Research Assistant

Animal Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization

Lilian P. VillamorSenior Science Research Specialist/ Head, Cryobank
Alexander M. ParaguasScience Research Specialist I
Therese Patricia C. CailipanScience Research Assistant
Aivhie Jhoy DS. EscuadroScience Research Assistant
Nickson M. EclarinalScience Research Assistant
Cyril P. BaltazarFarm Superintendent II/ Head, Genepool
Leif Jimuel C. CandelariaScience Research Specialist II
Rosito B. OpeñaFarm Worker II
Emmanuel A. FlorentinoFarm Worker II
Diosdado S. DalusongFarm Worker II
Felipe S. ReyesFarm Worker I
Rogelio F. AntiqueraScience Research Technician III
Ferrymar I. GasparAdministrative Assistant V
Mike V. Del RosaioScience Research Analyst
Joselito Del RosarioScience Research Technician

Regional Centers

Prof. Grace Marjorie R. Recta
PCC at Mariano Marcos State University
Email: /
Mobile Number: (+63) 927-965-5724 / (+63) 918-499-7097
Telephone Number: (+63) (077) 792-3187
Location: Batac, Ilocos Norte

Prof. Franklin T. Rellin
PCC at Cagayan State University
Email: /
Mobile Number: (+63) 916-752-8507 /(+63) 917-585-8573
Location: Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Ms. Gloria M. dela Cruz
PCC at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
Mobile Number: (+63)928-355-6029 / (+63) 908-864-9975
Telephone Number: (+63) (072) 712-0118
Location: Rosario, La Union

Dr. Daniel L. Aquino
PCC at Central Luzon State University
Mobile Number: (63) 917-867-5763 / (63)925-532-1386
Telephone Number: (+63)  (044) 456-5238
Location: Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Dr. Thelma A. Saludes (Officer-In-Charge)
PCC at University of the Philippines at Los Baños
Email: /
Mobile Number: (+63) 908-811-2841
Telephone Number: (+63) (049) 536-2729 / (+63) (049) 501-7627
Location: Los Baños, Laguna

Dr. Ivy Fe M. Lopez (Officer-In-Charge)
PCC at Visayas State University
Mobile Number: (+63) 920-855-3990
Telephone Number: (+63)(053) 563-5648 / (+63) (053) 563-7649
Location: Baybay City, Leyte

Mr. Arn D. Granada
PCC at West Visayas State University
Email Address: /
Mobile Number: (+63) 999-991-6115 / (+63) 928-945-7760
Telephone Number: (+63)(033) 320-2445
Location: Calinog, Iloilo

Mr. Ariel L. Abaquita
PCC at La Carlota Stock Farm
Email: /
Mobile Number: (+63)947-893-4794/(63)908-813-9048 (office cellphone)/(+63) 921-542-4379
Location: La Granja, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

Dr. Gundolino P. Bajenting (Officer-In-Charge)
PCC at Ubay Stock Farm
Mobile Number: (+63) 919-962-0560
Telephone Number: (038)-518-5598
Location: Ubay, Bohol

Dr. Cecilio G. Velez
PCC at Mindanao Livestock Production Complex
Email: /
Mobile Number: (63) 918-919-4473 / (63) 949-404-4559 / (63)910-179-5905/(63)908-812-8632
Telephone Number: (+63)(065)212-2636
Location: Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte

Dr. Lowell C. Paraguas
PCC at Central Mindanao University
Mobile Number: (63 )939-133-9815/(+63)939-916-9719
Location: Maramag, Bukidnon

Mr. Benjamin John C. Basilio
PCC at University of Southern Mindanao
Mobile Number: (+63) 919-397-0872/(+63) 920-621-9722
Telephone Number: (064) 248-2250
Location: Kabacan, North Cotabato