PCC forges partnership on buffalo research with UVAS in Pakistan

Joint research and development works for buffalo improvement and other disciplines are the major undertakings agreed upon recently by the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) based in Syed Abdual Qadir Jillani road, Lahore, Pakistan and the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC).

PCC executive director Dr. Libertado Cruz and UVAS chancellor Dr. Muhammad Nawaz signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) last October 27 during Dr. Cruz’ official visit in Pakistan.

The program cover areas such as exchange of specialists and fellows, sharing of scientific materials, publications and information; and conduct of joint research as well as development projects related to buffalo and other disciplines.

Dr. Cruz said that UVAS pursues a strong research effort on animal health specifically in developing vaccines that are DNA-based.

UVAS also has Nili-Ravi breeds, one of the Murrah breed types of Indian buffalo, and several other breeds.

“UVAS is willing to make germplasm of this breed accessible to PCC,” Dr. Cruz said.

The MOU will be further extended into future projects such as the setting up of collaboration with Pakistan’s Buffalo Research Institute. This institute is mandated by its government to carry out a program on research-based buffalo development.

Another future project will be on embryo collection from elite female buffaloes with the hope that frozen embryos will be brought to the Philippines for propagation.

“Ultimately, this collaboration will redound to our advantage,” Dr. Cruz said.

He also said that this linkage with the UVAS is a big boost for PCC in making its way as the Philippines’ leading institute for livestock research and development and as a world-class research facility for buffalo improvement.