Eric Palacpac



  •  Information Officer V
  • Chief, Knowledge Management Division
  • Lead Researcher, Operations Research Task Force



PhD in Social Geography, School of Geography, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 2005-2010, Dissertation Topic: Science-Society Interface in the Philippines

MS in Animal Science (Major in Animal Production; Minor in Management), University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, 1990-1994, Thesis Title: Optimizing Utilization of Feed Resources in Rainfed Lowland and Rainfed Upland Rice-Based Farms in Pangasinan and Cavite

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Major in Animal Science; Specialized in Dairy Technology), University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, 1984-1988, Thesis Title: Accelerated Ripening of Comminuted Cheese Curd


  •  Livestock-based innovations, technology transfer, and commercialization
  • Science communication; communication for innovations; applied communication
  • Social dimensions of livestock development programs
  • Evaluation and impact assessment of livestock development programs
  • Ruminant production and nutrition
  • Dairy technology



  • Contributory Factors to the Success or Failure of Dairy Buffalo Farmer-Groups within the National Impact Zone (E. Palacpac, E. Valiente and R. Jacang), April 2013-August 2013.
  • “To Milk or Not to Milk”: Understanding the Practices and Behavioral Intentions of Crossbred Buffalo Owners in San Agustin, Isabela (E. Palacpac, H. Baltazar, A. Sarabia, M.G. Honorio, E.Valiente, and R. Jacang), November 2012-July 2013.
  • Commercialization of Grass/Forage Corn Silage for Dairy Buffaloes in Lupao, Nueva Ecija through Technomart (E. Palacpac, D. Aquino, H. Baltazar, and C. Castillo), April 2013-March 2016.


  • Understanding the Population Dynamics of Bulgarian Buffaloes Entrusted to Farmers’ Cooperatives in the National Impact Zone (E. Palacpac, E. Valiente, M.G. Honorio, and R. Jacang), May 2013.


  • An Analysis of the Artificial Insemination Program for Water Buffaloes in the Philippines: A Case Study in Nueva Ecija (E. Palacpac, M.G. Honorio and E. Valiente), November 2012.


  • A Case Study on the Alcala Milk Candy (E. Palacpac, F. Rellin, H. Baltazar, and R. Casas), October 2010.