Brief Description

The Dairy Laboratory provides service for analysis of milk components in support of the Genetic Improvement Program of PCC. Service is mainly for dairy herds that are participating in milk recording and performance testing including PCC assisted cooperatives, among others. Milk samples are rapidly analyzed for milk fat percentage, milk protein percentage, lactose, total solids, and somatic cell count (SCC). The facility is presently available at the PCC National Headquarters.

Service Standard

Under normal circumstances, the analysis is completed within nine working days from the date or request or submission of milk samples. Raw milk samples can be preserved up to 7 days at 4oC-5oC, if bronopol is added. If milk sample is unpreserved (no added bronopol), place the sample in a container with ice then immediately submit to the laboratory for analysis the soonest time possible (within 2 days). Unpreserved samples maybe analyzed up to 72 hours after initial collection of milk samples. Prospective clients should fi rst make arrangement with milk laboratory personnel before submission of samples for orientation/training on proper milk sampling, handling, and storage scheduling.


1. Request for milk analysis Formal letter* Requesting Party As it comes
2. Approve request Executive Director and Genomics and Bioinformatics Section Head Within one week upon receipt of request
3. Inform Requesting Party of schedule of submission of samples Dairy Laboratory Staff/ Molecular Genetics Lab Staff 1 day after approval of the request
4. Submit samples Request Form for Analysis (PCCGIQF-11) Requesting party As it comes
5. Analyze milk samples Formal letter* Dairy Laboratory Staff/ Molecular Genetics Lab Staff 1 day
6. Prepare analysis report Dairy Laboratory Staff/ Molecular Genetics Lab Staff Within 5 working days after completion of analysis
7. Inform Requesting Party of completion of analysis Phone call, Formal letter Dairy Laboratory Staff/ Molecular Genetics Lab Staff 0.25 day
8. Provide a copy of the analysis report Report of Analysis (PCC-GIQF-12) Dairy Laboratory Staff/ Molecular Genetics Lab Staff 0.25 day
 TOTAL 9 days

*For research purposes, please ensure that your research is coded/authorized by the RDD. Please have your letter noted by the RDD chief.