Brief Description

Purebred dairy-type bulls are loaned out to qualified farmers for natural mating with purebred dairy-type buffaloes, crossbreds and native carabaos in areas where AI services are limited and not readily available. This service is an integral part of the enetic improvement program aimed at producing animals with improved productivity for milk and meat, without disregard to draft power.

Service Standard

If the bull is available and all evaluation criteria or requirements are met, coordination and evaluation activities, including the processing of related documents (from the day of receipt of the request to the release of the bull), are completed within 11.5 working days.

Bulls for loan are availed of for the following purposes: (1) to service purebred dairy-type buffaloes and crossbreds in a dairy module under the cooperative/association/dairy-buffalo multiplier farm schemes; and (2) to service native or crossbred carabaos for crossbreeding (upgrading) program in the villages.


Repayment Scheme

Loan Scheme 1: Bulls servicing purebred and crossbred dairy-type buffaloes under the cooperative/association/dairy buffalo multiplier farm

Bulls loaned under this scheme will be PCC-owned and continuously replaced every three to four years to avoid inbreeding.

Loan Scheme 2. Bulls to be used in the carabao crossbreeding (upgrading) in the villages

A junior bull (2.5 years old and below) and socialized, is considered paid in full when it has produced 25 calves. This is subject to proper proof and certification from the Municipal Agriculturist, Veterinarian or Livestock Inspector.

After submitting a copy of proof and certification to PCC, ownership of the bull shall be awarded to the bull handler.


Procedures in Availing Bulls for Loan

1. Request for bull loan Formal letter or communication Requesting party As it comes
2. Inform concerned center and check animal availability National Bull Loan Coordinator 0.5
3. Orient the LGUs, PVO, Requesting Party (RP) & owners of the female carabaos in the area on the bull loan program Regional Center’s Bull Loan Coordinator 1
4. Evaluate the Requesting Party Regional Center’s Bull Loan Coordinator  1
5. Follow up result of evaluation, prepare and send response letter to the Requesting Party Formal letter National Bull Loan Coordinator/Regional Center’s Bull Loan Coordinator 1
6. Coordinate all pertinent documents needed to effect release of bull MOA/Loan Contract/MR,
Animal Health Certificate,
Shipping Permit, approval of GIP coordinator
National Bull Loan Coordinator in coordination with the Bull Loan  Coordinator of regional center,
BAI, PVO, and GIP Coordinator
7. Attendance to Bull Loan Recipients’ Training Presence of the recipient to the training Concerned PC Center 2
8. Authorize release of the bull Authority to Release Executive Director as signatory 0.5
9. Release the bull Documents issued/ signed in steps 5 & 6 Center’s Bull Loan Coordinator 0.5
 TOTAL 11.5 days