Bull recipients undergo training at PCC

Farmer-trustees under the bull loan program of the Philippine Carabao Center in the National Impact Zone (NIZ) are now equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to properly manage the bulls that were entrusted to them.

A first on NIZ, a bull management training was conducted to capacitate bull handlers on proper management and care of breeding bulls. It was held at the PCC National Bull Farm in Digdig, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija from May 24 to 25.

The 23 farmer-participants were taught skills and lessons on bull management particularly on heat detection, feeds and feeding, forage management, and proper handling. They were also guided to detect symptoms of buffalo diseases and how these can be treated.

The participants are the select recipients of the bull loan program. They are to receive bulls from PCC on June 4.

Under the bull loan program, PCC will loan out dairy-type Murrah bulls to qualified farmers for natural mating with native or crossbred carabaos in areas where artificial insemination services are not available. Ownership is then transferred to the farmer-recipient when the bull has produced at least 25 calves.