DA-PCC at USM welcomes new Center Director, envisions innovative, value-added outcomes

“We shall transform DA-PCC at USM through innovation and collaboration. We will harness carabao products and by-products to generate income for our farmers and their communities. We will promote the carabao as an instrument to foster peace,” DA-PCC at University of Southern Mindanao (DA-PCC at USM) recently designated Center Director Geoffray R. Atok outlines his goals for the agency.

To attain this vision, Atok pledged his commitment to creating an environment where employees are co-creators of innovations and valued contributors to DA-PCC’s outputs.

“Together, we shall continue to pursue the vision and mission of DA-PCC in its strong advocacy that the dairy carabao is a source of livelihood, milk, meat, and hide for our partners in the countryside,” Atok added.
The designation of Atok as center director of DA-PCC at USM is seen as beneficial to the agency and its clients, considering his expertise and experience in the animal sector.

“To our partner carapreneurs, our combined experiences and perspectives in improving the dairy carabao industry will create openness and build trust among us. Let us sustain our partnerships toward the same vision. Let us welcome opportunities for growth and progress in the same way that we embrace the challenges together to foster a culture of open-mindedness, bayanihan, and resilience,” Atok expressed.

Atok finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, Master’s degree in Animal Science, and Doctorate degree in Agri-Sciences with a major in Animal Sciences at the University of Southern Mindanao. Aside from his designation as center director, Atok is an active Associate Professor IV at USM.