DA-PCC, commodity DA-Biotech centers inaugurate DNA Sequencing Facility

In conjunction with the weeklong celebration of the DA-PCC’s 30th anniversary, the DA-Biotech DNA Sequencing Facility was inaugurated at the Livestock Innovations and Biotechnology Complex this morning.
This project was a collaboration between the DA-Biotechnology Program Office (DA-BPO), the DA-Crops Biotechnology Center (CBC), the DA-Fisheries Biotechnology Center (FBC), the DA-Livestock Biotechnology Center (LBC), and the DA-PCC to assist biotechnology centers with DNA sequencing services.

According to Dr. Marvin A. Villanueva, head of DA-PCC’s Research & Development Division, the project will permit facility sharing, which expedites sequencing outcomes. Therefore, it creates opportunities in terms of research and technologies.

“With this additional facility that will be co-shared by our biotechnology centers and each of our R4D networks, we hope that it will help boost or aid in the conduct of our respective research projects under the different research programs of each priority commodity, under the crops, livestock, and fisheries sectors, and be a solution to address problems in the respective sectors of the country,” said Villanueva.

Dr. Casiano H. Choresca, chief of the DA-FBC, noted in his response that this project is a milestone that will strengthen the bond among the biotechnology centers and bring about a change in the research and development of agri-fisheries through the use of biotechnology.

Dr. Roel R. Suralta, director of the DA-Crop Biotechnology Center, stated that budget, manpower, and facility are the three most important factors in achieving goals.

In addition, DA-PCC OIC-Executive Director, Dr. Caro B. Salces, stated in his message that the facility will be beneficial to the development of the livestock, crop, fisheries, and agriculture industries.

The utilization agreement among the three organizations has been finalized. It stipulates that the biotechnology centers will share the consumables used for sequencing services.