DA-PCC joins Women’s Month celebration to mark support for ‘WE’ campaign

The DA-PCC starts off this year’s national women’s month celebration with a renewed commitment to advancing gender equality and fostering gender-responsive government programs and services that empower women to contribute to nation-building.

In a kick-off program held today, DA-PCC Gender and Development focal person Khrizie Evert Padre emphasized the need for compassionate and harmonized networks towards women empowerment (WE), which is aligned with the new recurrent theme of the celebration from this year through 2028: “WE for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society”.

Said theme signals a turning point in the growth of women’s rights. It sparks a renewed commitment to advocacy and banks on the gains achieved during the 2016-2022 theme, WE Make CHANGE Work for Women.

“I believe that women should be respected not just because they are women but also because they are individuals with their own identities. They contribute equally and significantly to the betterment of society,” she said.

Padre underscored that the annual observance is a time to recognize and honor the countless contributions women have made throughout history and continue to make today. It is an avenue to celebrate the achievements and courage of women who have broken barriers, shattered stereotypes, and paved the way for future generations.

In support of the “WE” campaign, the DA-PCC’s Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) will organize and spearhead activities such as Special Cara-Aralan Webinar Episodes featuring women carapreneurs Elenita Flores of Adeline’s Fresh Buffalo Milk Products and Emily Velasco of Simula ng Panibagong Bukas Multi-Purpose Cooperative and distribution of GAD kits.

Also included in the activity is the “Serbisyo para kay Juana” wherein women clients of DA-PCC’s Milka Krem products outlet will be offered a one-day 5% discount on select dairy products on International Women’s Day (March 8 ) as a form of appreciation for women’s various contributions in the society.