Dairy Buffalo Module

As PCC has limited female buffaloes at the moment, this service/program is available to qualified farmer-cooperative members, families who are already into dairying activity, and company/corporation/cooperative/individual entrepreneurs capable of operating a semi-commercial/commercial farms on a “first-come-first serve” basis and subject still to the availability of the animals.

Brief Description

The dairy buffalo module is a facility whereby PCC entrusts purebred dairy buffaloes to qualified farmer-trustees, families, company, corporation, cooperative or individual entrepreneurs capable of operating a dairy farm business. The entrustment follows either a Modified “Paiwi” scheme or Dairy Buffalo Multiplier Farm (DBMF) scheme wherein the trustee is expected to take care of the animal, maintain animal and production records, provide necessary inputs and other obligations stipulated in the Modified “Paiwi” contract or DBMF contract; and continuously engage in dairy business following approved practices and technologies provided by PCC.

Service Standard
If animals are available and when all the requirements are met (and under normal circumstances), the animals will be awarded within 33 days from the date of receipt of request.

B.1. Modified “Paiwi” or Trusteeship scheme: The farmer-trustee takes ownership of the original animal on the condition that he/she fully commits to the provisions stipulated in the contract. All calves of the original animal will be co-owned by PCC and the farmer-trustee on a 50:50 scheme. Farmer trustee may opt to buy the PCC’s share in each calf or the other way around.

Dairy buffalo module under the modified “paiwi” or trusteeship scheme can be availed of in two ways: (B.1.1.) Cooperative Dairy Module, and (B.1.2.) Family Dairy Module

B.1.1. Cooperative Dairy Module

  • 1.1 As follows are the initial requirements to avail of the breeding stocks, which shall be accomplished by the Cooperative:
    • 1.1.1 Letter or resolution requesting for 25 head buffalo dairy module addressed to PCC Executive Director
    • 1.1.2 Master list of the Cooperative Members
    • 1.1.3 List of members endorsed by the Officers of the Cooperative/ Association to avail of the dairy buffalo module
    • 1.1.4 Certificate of being a legal entity (CDA/DOLE/SEC registration)
    • 1.1.5 Certificate of Good Standing (if registered with the CDA)
    • 1.1.6 Accomplishment Report, preferably for the last two (2) years
    • 1.1.7 Current inventory of carabaos in the area where the association or cooperative is operating
    • 1.1.8 List of schools and student population
    • 1.1.9 History of the Barangay where the Cooperative is located
    • 1.1.10 Socio-economic profile of the community/town
  • 1.2 After complying with the requirements, the following activities shall be conducted to determine if the association or cooperative and its members are qualified to be awarded of the trusteeship:
    • 1.2.1 Schedule visit to association/cooperative for ocular inspection, field visit and validation of identity
    • 1.2.2 Orientation meeting with the Officers and Members
    • 1.2.3 Social Preparation Training (SPT): Issuance of Training Certificate by the SPT Team
    • 1.2.4 Technical Training: Issuance of Training Certificate by the Technical Training Team
    • 1.2.5 Evaluation of the farmer-trustee, i.e., readiness to receive animals prior to release of buffaloes in terms of the guarantee fund, animal shed, forage resource, source of clean water
      • Photocopy (certified true copy) of the Guarantee Fund Bank Deposit
      • Total amount of the Guarantee Fund
      • Photocopy (certified true copy) of the resolution regarding Guarantee Fund between the Cooperative and the PCC Representative
      • Availability of animal shed
      • Availability of forage production area/forage resource
      • Availability of clean and safe source of drinking water
      • Availability of electricity in the area
  • 1.3 If the two abovementioned processes (1.1 and 1.2) are complied, the farmer-trustee is declared by the PCC Evaluation Team eligible for the trusteeship and the association or cooperative ready for entrustment of the breeding animals under the  Modified “Paiwi” scheme. Then, schedule of animal release to the association or cooperative shall be set provided the following documents are duly accomplished:
    • 1.3.1 Signed MOA with the Cooperative, LGU and PCC
    • 1.3.2 Signed Modified Paiwi Contract with the Farmer-Trustee, Cooperative and the PCC
    • 1.3.3 Issuance of individual animal record
  • 1.4 Monitoring and Evaluation (shall be done as part of the evaluation and post-evaluation processes)


B.1.2. Family Dairy Module Qualified family or families may avail of five (5) to ten (10) head dairy buffaloes in case they are already into dairying activity using crossbred or native carabaos for around five years or more. This is prioritized in areas with at least 100 breedable animals and where a dairy cooperative does not exist yet. Moreover, these trustee families have to agree first to later organize themselves into a dairy association or cooperative. The implementing guidelines follow the Cooperative Dairy Module with the exclusion of the requirements, which are exclusively to be accomplished by a dairy cooperative.


B.2. Dairy Buffalo Multiplier Farm (DBMF) Scheme: Farm owners/corporation/company/cooperative that are capable of operating and would like to engage in a semi-commercial/commercial dairy buffalo farm business may avail of 20 (riverine-type) heifers or more. A 30-day period from the date of receipt of the animals shall be observed under this scheme. Ownership of the original animals will be transferred to the DBMF operator after it has been fully paid according to the contract. The PCC has the first option to buy succeeding calves produced by the original stocks and the decision will be made on or before the calf reaches 12th month of age.


Qualification requirements of applicant as a Dairy Buffalo Multiplier Farm (DBMF)

  1. Proponent Farm must have a recent Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit
  2. Proponent must secure Barangay Clearance in the community
  3. Proponent must have a co-maker such as legal wife, parents, and children with age of not less than 18 years old
  4. Proponent must have a dairy production and management capability and willing to be trained on technical aspect of the scheme
  5. Proponent must have a titled/long-term leased land with prepared and developed pasture area or otherwise an evidence of source of forage/soilage
  6. Proponent should have the means to provide for feed and mineral supplementation
  7. Proponent must have available production facility (animal shed,milking parlor, feed storage, animal treatment and isolation areas) and equipment
  8. Proponent must have the capacity to provide ad libitum supply of potable water
  9. Proponent must be able to shoulder the transport cost of the animals from PCC to the DBMF
  10. Proponent must be subjected to the evaluation of the PCC Team


Process Flow of the Release of Breeding Stocks (Dairy Buffalo Multiplier Farm)

1. Request for dairy module Formal request (letter  or resolution) addressed to the Executive Director Requesting party/farmer-cooperative As it comes
2. Reply to formal
Requesting party’s mailing address and contact numbers Office of the Executive Director 1.5
3. Assess request and
requesting party
Instruction from the Executive Director CDA/DOLE Registration Certificate of Good Standing (CDA),
Accomplishment reports,
List of members,
Audited Financial Statement,
Current inventory of carabaos Certified photocopy of certificate of registration of the farm,
Business Permit,
Barangay Clearance (DBMF)
Executive Director,
Executive Director Coordinator, Animal Movement Coordinator,GIP Concerned Coordinators (CBED, NIZ)
4. Check animal availability and its performance Appropriate reports from GIP Coordinator, Animal Movement 0.5
 5. Submit the letter of intent and result of evaluation to the Executive Director Letter of intent
Evaluation report
NIZ/RIZ/CBED Coordinators  1
6. Inform requesting
party on the status of
their request
 Formal letter Executive Director  2
7. For approved request , the following will be conducted:
a. Orientation on dairy buffalo module
b. Background investigation on would-be trustees
c. Social Preparation Training
d. Training on dairy buffalo management

List of would-be trustees

Benchmark information survey

Carabao inventory
Complete attendance of wouldbe trustees

Requesting party, NIZ/RIZ/ CBED coordinators

requesting party

PCC Trainers

PCC Trainers

8. Check on the availability of required farmer-trustees’ counterpart 4m x 4m animal shed;
Bank certification for Php25,000.00;
Guarantee Fund;
1000 sq m planted with napier or any improved grass;
Certificates of attendance in step 7
c and 7 d
NIZ/RIZ/CBED coordinators  1
9. Facilitate accomplishment of pertinent documents needed to effect selling/release of animal/s Authority to Release;

Animal Health Certificate;

Shipping permit;

FMD Vaccination Certification/ permit (if required)

Loan Contracts

Animal Movement Coordinator
OED Veterinarians
PMED staff
NIZ/RIZ/CBED coordinators
10. Authorize release
of the animal
Duly signed Authority to Release Executive Director  0.5
11. Check readiness of
unloading area
unloading mound and corral NIZ/RIZ/CBED coordinators  1
 12. Release/ award the
dairy buffalo module
 Documents issued/
signed in steps 9 & 10
Coordinator, Animal Movement
NIZ/RIZ/CBED coordinators
 TOTAL 33 days