Beating the odds: A family’s tale of hard work and success

In 1987, Carlito and Julieta Alfonso, newly married and with a first baby on the way, only had a small piece of farm land and a hundred pesos to build a life on. Almost three decades later, they managed to parlay what little they had into more than 20 hectares of land, a growing herd […]

From pigs to carabaos: The shift that pays

A thunderous applause met him as he made his way to the stage. A mix of emotions assaulted him, but happiness stood out. Why not when one of his dreams has just been realized? On that particular day, March 27, 2014, Arnold Cunanan, 38, received a plaque of recognition for being “Outstanding Dairy Buffalo Farmer” […]

Magalang farmer’s ‘Menang’ yields as much as 14 liters of milk daily

Andipoe Garcia’s fondness for his crossbred dairy carabaos is unmistakable: Each animal in his herd has a name. And among the animals, he is proudest of “Menang”, which produces as much as 14 liters of milk a day for three months. In her other months of lactation, she gives seven to eight liters a day. […]