PCC joins the International Buffalo Genome Consortium

The consortium is a collaborative project of the buffalo-related international entities aimed at completing the entire water buffalo genome.

PCC also became a member of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society (ARBS), an independent and non-profit organization that promotes the educational and scientific interests of the reproductive biotechnology research community throughout Asia.

PCC provides international study program on livestock under JICA-TCTP

PCC was tapped by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to train officials of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVO) of the government of Myanmar. The project was implemented under JICA’s Third Country Training Program (JICA-TCTP) to capacitate LBVO on propagation and production of water buffaloes.

Inauguration of the Central Milk Collecting and Processing Facility

A centralized collection and processing facwas inaugurated during PCC’s 18th anniversary celebration. Built in a 2,363 sq m area adjacent to the PCC headquarters, this facility serves as a venue to assist in post-production concerns of the many dairy producers’ cooperatives north of Manila. The facility features the processing and packaging equipment, micro-laboratories, cold storage, ripening room, equipment areas and some offices.


‘Milka Krem’ opens to the public

In November, the Milka Krem, a market venue for premium carabao’s milk-based products was opened to the public. This is where the milk produce from the dairy cooperatives in surrounding town of Nueva Ecija are processed.

Milka Krem is an avenue to empower smallholder farmers as it opens the door to the commercial market and provides an opportunity for value adding and greater income.

Strengthening of the three-year partnership with KOICA

The three-year project between the KOICA improved the capacity of PCC as a livestock biotechnology agency in terms of technical competencies of staff members in animal breeding and genomics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and related fields. Electronic data capture system towards genetic data analysis and evaluation system, and unified web-based genetic information systems were also established.

The PCC National Bull Farm, semen laboratory and cryobank were improved with the provision of necessary equipment and materials to ensure sustained support for long-term Genetic Improvement Program.

JICA-PCC TCTP for Myanmar

PCC conducted a Third Country Training Program (TCTP) with JICA on Water Buffalo Production Management (Module 1) and Breeding Technologies (Module 2) which led to the formulation of two modules aimed at enhancing the capacity of the LBVD delegation on water buffalo management and breeding technology for the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD) of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in Myanmar.

PCC and PSAS hosted the 9th ARBS conference

On October 26-28, the Philippine Carabao Center and the Philippine Society of Animal Science hosted the 9th Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society (ARBS) conference. With scientists, practitioners and students as participants, the event was aimed at promoting the educational and scientific interests of the reproductive biotechnology research community throughout Asia.

Inauguration of new PCC facilities

The PCC at CSU building in Tuguegarao City was inaugurated on June 18, followed by the inauguration of the center’s four milk barns in San Agustin, Isabela on September 28. Three milk processing facilities in Pangasinan under the PCC at DMMMSU were also inaugurated this year.

PCC IMS Certified

PCC National Headquarters and Gene Pool got certified to ISO 14001:2004 AND OHSAS 18001:2007 making it an IMS Certified agency


Infusion of Dairy Buffalo Breed in the Country

The Genetic Improvement Program being implemented by the PCC received an added boost with the infusion of selected dairy buffaloes from Italy.

Establishment of three (3) AI Bull Farms and Semen Laboratories at PCC at CLSU, PCC at UPLB and PCC at CMU

The new facilities further strengthen the capability of PCC in its continued implementation of the Carabao Upgrading Program through its regional network in various parts of the country.

PCC Spearheads International Genetic Improvement Conference and Workshop

Held in late 2013, the gathering, which saw participation by experts from Australia, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, moved the envisioned international semen exchange program for improved buffalo genetics closer to reality.

Funding of Milk Processing Equipment for the Dairy Cooperatives in the NIZ thru Continued Collaboration with KOICA

Active support from KOICA has substantially contributed to the productivity of dairy buffalo-based enterprises in the PCC’s National Impact Zone

Redesigning of the Carabao Development Program Following the Approval of the Agency’s Rationalization Plan

Given the changes in its personnel complement, the PCC effected appropriate adjustments in the CDP to ensure its continued responsiveness to the needs of its clientele in the context of the agency’s mandates.