PCC staff members undergo training in Thailand

Three staff members of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) underwent a five-week training course on dairy processing and dairy plant operations in Thailand in preparation for the operation of the newly constructed dairy plant at PCC.

The training was held last September 26 to October 31.

The trainees were Mina P. Abella, Senior Research Specialist II in product processing; Venus C. Quines, Research assistant in product processing and marketing; and Benedick C. de Leon, electrician in equipment operation.

The putting up of a dairy plant is an integral component of the 2KR project titled “Enhancing Rural Employment through Promotion of Village-Based Dairy Enterprise.”
The dairy plant will serve as the central milk processing plant as well as market outlets of milk products among dairy farmers.

To expose the trainees on dairy processing and dairy plant operations, they underwent trainings on the different methods in the operation and maintenance of different dairy processing equipment, familiarization and utilization of the different laboratory techniques used in milk and milk products and technical know-how in operating a dairy plant at the different plants in different places in Thailand.

The plants visited included the Boonyakeat Ice Cream Co., Ltd in Muang, Petchaboon and Wangnamyen Dairy Cooperative, Ltd. in Wangsomboon, Sakeao.

“The training is very helpful for the upcoming operation of the PCC dairy plant considering that Thailand has really gone very far in the dairy industry,” Quines said.
She added, “The knowledge and skills learned from the training will be applied in the operation of the PCC Dairy Plant.”

The five-week training program also covered lectures and trainings on dairy plant operation dealing with milk collection and processing involving different equipment, quality assurance and quality control, product storage, and delivery.