Frozen Buffalo Semen Distribution

Brief Description┬

PCC maintains a Semen Processing Laboratory in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija (managed by PCC-CLSU) and in Los Ba├▒os, Laguna (managed by PCC-UPLB). These laboratories produce frozen semen from genetically superior sires or bulls to be used for upgrading the native carabaos through artificial insemination. The frozen semen are kept in liquid nitrogen tanks and are stored in Semen Bank at PCC National Headquarters and Gene Pool for distribution. Each straw approximately contains 50 million sperm cells with at least 30% post-thaw motility. Frozen semen is available to qualified AI technicians nationwide through systematized semen distribution system linked with AI technicians, cooperatives, DA-RFUs and LGUs.

Service Standard

When requesting for frozen semen, the requesting party should provide a liquid nitrogen tank filled with liquid nitrogen. The procedure for request is detailed below:


A. Upon LGU Request

1. File request to PCC Request Form* (PCC-GIQF-09) Requesting party 15 minutes
2. Approve Request Request Form* (PCC-GIQF-09) SB Staff 5 minutes
3. Inspect Tank (before filling) SB Staff 5 minutes
4. Fill tank with frozen semen SB Staff 20 minutes
5. Inspect tank after filling SB Staff 5 minutes
6. Fill up disposal form Disposal Form (PCC-SPQF-04) Requesting party/SB Staff 5 minutes
TOTAL 55 minutes

*Request form is available at Semen Bank (SB), Genetic Improvement Program Unit.
Note: For regular customers, semen report utilization must be presented prior to the approval of the next request.