Powers and Functions

RA 7307, which was signed on March 27, 1992 and operationalized on April 1, 1993, provides that PCC’s powers and functions are:

  • Conserve, propagate and promote the Philippine carabao as a source of draft animal power, meat, milk and hide;
  • Enable the farmers, particularly smallholder-farmers and CARP beneficiaries, to avail themselves of good quality carabao stocks at all times and at reasonable prices
    through an organized program of production, breeding, training, and dispersal;
  • Undertake training programs for farmers, particularly smallholder-farmers and CARP beneficiaries, designed to transfer technology on the proper care and reproduction of the carabao and the processing of its meat and milk;
  • Encourage backyard dairy development in rural areas by raising carabaos so as to meet the nutritional needs of the smallholder-farmers and their families and reduce dependence on imported milk byproducts;
  • Undertake research activities in all disciplines that lead to the improvement of the overall productivity of the Philippine carabao;
  • Increase the existing annual population growth of the Philippine carabao to keep pace with human population growth;
  • Enter into memoranda of agreement and receive donations through the Department of Agriculture from local and foreign sources. Upon the recommendation of the PCC Advisory Board, the individual carabao centers may enter into agreements directly with funding agencies through their respective board of regents or head of agency.