Visitors Assistance

Brief Description

As part of its information dissemination activities, PCC has created the Visitor’s Assistance Ofiice (VAO) at the Office of the Executive Director (OED), manned by staff of the Information and training Division (ITD). VAO’s main function is to receive the various sectors that visit the facilities of the agency. Orientation of the programs and services is being done through a 15 minute film showing, followed by a brief tour to the gene pool and milking parlor.

Service Standard

Information materials about the PCC’s programs and services and prepared for the visitors/group of visitors whose visit is pre-arranged. Unexpected/ walk-in visitors, however, are also being extended appropriate assistance and/or necessary orientation. The whole orientation process which includes tour of facilities lasts about 47 minutes.


1. Request for visit to agency Formal letter or communication Requesting Party As it comes
2. Follow-up/Confirm schedule of visit Identification Card (Company ID, Drivers Licence, etc.) Requesting Party As it comes
3. Screen the visitors as they come in Guard on duty 2 minutes
4. Video Showing Applied Communication Section (ACS) Staff 15 minutes
5. Question and Answer ACS Staff 10 minutes
6. Tour and orientation at the gene pool and milking parlor (view deck)