PCC partners with Japan and Korea to address animal health and quality livestock products in the country

PCC strengthens its collaborative efforts by signing a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Consortium for Japanese Veterinary Medicinal Products Manufacturers (CJVM) and Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation (KAPE) yesterday.

The two MOAs aim to of enhance the quality of animal products through technology exchange and regulate the veterinary medicinal products in the country.

KAPE performs grading service under the goal of enhancing the qualities of animal products, facilitating distribution in the market and improving animal breeds in Korea and now they partnered with PCC to share relevant technologies that they developed in their country.

‘PCC is very lucky to have a formal collaboration with this institute (KAPE). They are contributing not only to the Korean livestock industry but also worldwide by sharing knowledge on quality management of animal products. Hopefully this partnership will hasten PCC’s capability to address food security in the country,” PCC Executive Director, Dr. Libertado C. Cruz said in his message during the MOA signing.

The CJVM, on the other hand, contributes to Asian countries by conducting research on the demands and regulation of veterinary medicinal products in each country, exchanging information among the authorities and industries, developing new products to deal with particular livestock diseases in a country, and introducing products that are compliant with a country’s regulation.

“We thank the institute, the people, and the government of our international partners in helping the Philippines by participating in this collaborative effort. This is a very important milestone in the livestock industry of the Philippines,” Dr. Cruz ended.