4 PCC researchers conferred Scientist I rank

Another four researchers from the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) have been conferred the rank of Scientist I under the Scientific Career System (SCS) by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) effective March 5, 2014.


This brings to seven the current number of career scientists at PCC, which is an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture (DA).


The new career scientists are Dr. Arnel N. del Barrio, Dr. Edwin C. Atabay, Dr. Eufrocina P. Atabay and Dr. Rosalina M. Lapitan. They were granted the Scientist I rank by the Scientific Career Council (SCC), which is the governing body of the SCS.


They took their oaths during a ceremony held on June 30 at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Quezon City, with Dr. Francisco T. Duque III, CSC chairman, and Fortunato T. Dela Peña, DOST undersecretary, as administering officials.


The SCS is “a system of recruitment, career progression, recognition and reward of scientists in the public service as a means of developing a pool of highly qualified and productive scientific personnel.” The SCS program is currently being administered by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).


“Indeed, Filipino scientists have a lot to offer to this country, but as career scientist, the nature of your work is special because you are wearing two hats. You are not only a champion of science but at the same time a public servant. Your published works, experiments, and researches are not intended to benefit some corporations or private entity but must have a direct positive impact of the public resource. Public service is the fitting career to make a difference in people’s lives,” Chairman Duque emphasized in his message.


“I believe that as public servants, the best reward and recognition we can get despite the work we do is the expression of gratitude and satisfaction from the people we serve. Thus, we should always aim for excellence and transition for being a Lingkod Bayan to a worthy Lingkod Bayani,” he added.


The significant contributions and professional expertise in research and development of the four PCC researchers made them qualified and eligible to the rank of Scientist I.


Dr. A.N. Del Barrio, who has been appointed as acting PCC executive director, is an animal nutritionist and a productive researcher in his field of specialization and disciplines. In 2000, the NAST bestowed on him an Outstanding Young Scientist award. His contributions include a better understanding of the rumen function, determination of nutritive values of different feed ingredients, development of appropriate feed supplementation strategies and formulation of practical feeding systems for small-holder and commercial production of buffaloes.  His researches on determining the potential of buffalo for milk and meat production also generated a substantial number of technologies and information for the buffalo industry. He is also recognized for modeling dairy buffalo-based enterprises and promoting buffalo as input to a profitable social enterprise for farmers.


Dr. E.C. Atabay, who is center director of PCC at Central Luzon State University (CLSU), contributed significantly to the development of somatic cell nuclear transfer procedure in buffalo and produced clone embryos for embryo transfer and cryobanking. His contributions likewise to improving the efficiency of other important reproductive technologies, such as artificial insemination, multiple ovulation and embryo transfer, in-vitro embryo production and transfer, and cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos of buffalo, cattle and goat for genetic improvement in livestock, are well documented.


Dr. E.P. Atabay contributed significantly in establishing the current in vitro reproductive techniques, such as in vitro production of buffalo, cattle and goat embryos, and the cryopreservation of oocytes, embryos, somatic cells, and semen for reproduction and cryobanking purposes. She also took the lead in R&D for optimizing other reproductive biotechnologies, such as ovulation and estrus synchronization, fixed time artificial insemination, multiple ovulation and embryo transfer, through better understanding of the ovarian function and follicular dynamics, and to enhance the efficiency of assisted-reproductive technologies in livestock production.


Dr. R.M.Lapitan is an active and prolific researcher as shown in a number of local and international researches in which she was the senior author and/or co-author. She has been a supervising science research specialist of PCC at UPLB since 1996. She is an animal nutritionist by profession but also specializes in milk and meat processing. She contributed to the development of appropriate feed supplementation strategies that increased the feeding value of crop residues, resulting in improved growth and productivity of buffaloes. She established appropriate fattening technologies for crossbreds and pioneered the development of high-end gourmet sausages from carabeef which creates industry breakthrough. She is also an extentionist, translating her researches into technologies and extending them to PCC target partners: technicians and farmers.


Under the SCS, career scientists are entitled to automatic increase in salary grade corresponding to the rank, benefits and entitlements under the R.A. 8439 or the “Magna Carta for Scientists, Engineers, Researchers and Other Science and Technology Personnel in Government”.


Furthermore, their performance and productivity are evaluated yearly and their standing is used as basis for awarding additional incentives and grants.


The three other PCC researchers earlier conferred the rank of Scientist I were Dr. Claro N. Mingala, Dr. Danilda H. Duran and Dr. Peregrino G. Duran.