67 DA-PCC employees complete the NEO Program

The DA-PCC held a graduation ceremony for the pilot batch of its New Employees Orientation (NEO) Program, marking the successful completion of an intensive training program that equipped new employees with knowledge and skills related to their roles, and the agency’s mandate, programs, and services.

Zadieshar Sanchez, NEO Program champion, presented the knowledge gain results of Batch 1. He cited that the overall knowledge of NEO students about DA-PCC programs has significantly increased with an average improvement rate of 58.19% between the initial diagnostic exam and the final exam. This means that the NEO program has successfully achieved its intended main outcome.

After the presentation, a recognition ceremony ensued to acknowledge and honor the graduates for their unwavering commitment and dedication in familiarizing themselves with the agency’s mission, vision, and goals.

A total of 67 graduates were presented with certificates of recognition, acknowledging their exceptional efforts and determination throughout the NEO program. Recognizing the outstanding achievements of select graduates, the event also included the awarding of medals and certificates to the top performers. Such acknowledgment served as a testament to their exemplary dedication and grasp of the core values and principles of DA-PCC.

Dr. Caro Salces, OIC Executive Director, concluded the event by delivering a closing message where he extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. He emphasized the significance of embracing continuous learning, nurturing personal growth, and maintaining unwavering dedication to foster excellence within the agency.

As the NEO program concludes its successful pilot batch, DA-PCC looks forward to the continued development and growth of its employees.