7th and 8th “ET” calves born in the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Farmers Romeo Onia, 73, and Harif Serra, 21, both from Barangay Mapangpang in the Science City of Muñoz in Nueva Ecija, are proud owners of a calf born out of the “Embryo Transfer” (ET) technology”, the seventh and eighth produced out of the field application of the technique. The technique involves collecting immature oocytes or egg cells from the ovaries of the female carabao, maturing and inseminating them in the laboratory, culturing the fertilized eggs, and transferring the embryo surrogate mother carabao for natural development. The embryo transfer was conducted by the team of Dr. Peregrino Duran, Dr. Danilda Duran and Joselito del Rosario of the Philippine Carababo Center (PCC).