9th carabao confab to showcase transformation, progress in carabao industry

The DA-Philippine Carabao Center is set to hold its 9th National Carabao Conference (NCC) in Cebu City on October 16-17, highlighting synergistic efforts among program partners to support the country’s carabao and dairy industries.

NCC is an annual conference that serves as a dynamic platform to share and disseminate valuable information about technologies, skills, ideas, and best practices in carabao farming.

With the theme “Pagbabagong Mukha at Sigla: Maalab na Pagkakalabawan sa Bagong Pilipinas!”, the conference aims to underscore agriculture’s vital role in the nation’s thriving economy and the collective efforts to ensure food security and improve farmers’ and fisherfolk’s quality of life.

“The conference acts as a hub for sharing knowledge and networking among those who are committed to advancing the carabao and dairy sectors. NCC provides a valuable platform that offers insights and awareness about diverse topics within the carabao program,” Dr. Lilian Villamor, 9th NCC overall chairperson, said.

The conference will highlight inspiring stories of metamorphosis among carabao value chain players evolving from subsistence to prosperity and how such transformations were made possible through the collaborative efforts of all program partners.

Key discussions at the conference encompass a wide range of topics including Kwentong Maalab na Pagkakalabawan: A Progress Briefer on the Carabao Development Program (CDP), Launching of the Dairy Herd Buildup of Genetically Improved Buffaloes Project, Pagbabagong Mukha sa Kanayunan: Championing Community Empowerment through Carapreneurship, Pagbabagong Mukha sa Kooperatiba: Cooperative Development and Sustainability, Pagbabagong Sigla Tungo sa Makabuluhang Pamamahala: Fostering Progressive Partnerships through the CBIN/CCDP Cooperative Conduits, and Maalab na Pagkakalabawan: The Role of Cooperatives and Partners in Scaling Up the Carabao Industry.

Industry experts will also discuss important matters such as the Cooperative Resiliency Management Program, the Dairy Hub Concept, and the future directions of the National Milk Feeding Program.

One of the conference’s significant highlights will be the recognition of outstanding carabao farmers who have demonstrated remarkable dedication and excellence in the field of carabao farming. Moreover, cooperatives’ dairy products and innovations of various industry participants will be showcased during the event’s technology and products exhibit.

This year’s confab will be organized jointly for the first time by the DA-PCC and the National Dairy Box Business Group, in partnership with the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative—one of the conduit co-ops under the Carabao-based Business Improvement Network or ALAB Karbawan project of DA-PCC.

More than 500 participants consisting of dairy farmers, local government officials, industry partners, representatives from government agencies, and private organizations are expected to attend the two-day conference.