Acing it as topnotch Asian scientist

Dr. Edwin “Ace” Atabay, Scientist II of DA-PCC, made it to the list of the most outstanding scientists and researchers in the 2023 edition of the Asian Scientist Magazine.

According to the Singaporean-based magazine, the award celebrates the success of the region’s best and brightest, highlighting their achievements across a range of scientific disciplines. The standard for the award is that the honoree must have won a national or international prize for his or her research in the previous year. In addition, he or she must have demonstrated leadership in academia or industry or made a notable scientific discovery.

Dr. Atabay holds the Senior Science Research Specialist position at the Reproduction and Physiology Section of the Research Development Division. He is also the National Technical Coordinator on Reproduction, the Program Coordinator for DA-PCC’s Artificial Insemination and Bull Entrustment Programs, and a technical expert for the Department of Agriculture’s Unified National Artificial Insemination Program. He is also a Career Scientist II under the DOST’s Scientific Career System (SCS).

His fields of specialization are veterinary medicine and animal reproductive biotechnology. His research interests also include reproductive biotechnology (in vitro embryo production, cryopreservation of semen, embryos, oocytes, and somatic cells, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, cloning, and embryo transfer).

He is actively involved in S&T activities that result in the development of technology and innovations for increasing water buffalo and other ruminant species’ pregnancy and productivity.

Dr. Atabay is considered the driving force behind the creation and implementation of the Intensified Reproductive Management Program, which encourages technological improvements in reproduction to boost livestock reproductive efficiency.

Dr. Atabay earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Medicine at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan and his Masters in Animal Science at the Central Luzon State University.