Bongabon farmers geared up for carabao farming venture

Twenty farmers from the Olivete Association and Ariendo Dairy Association underwent a Social Preparation Training to ensure that they will be socially prepared to venture into dairy buffalo management and production.

The training, conducted by the DA-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC) through the Socioeconomic and Environmental Research Section (SEERS) and the National Dairy Business Hub (NDBH), in collaboration with the Local Government of Bongabon, took place on April 18, 2024, at Bongabon Municipal Hall, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

Bongabon Sangguniang Bayan member and chairperson of the agriculture committee Lope Valmonte conveyed gratitude to DA-PCC and the participating cooperatives for their support and commitment to the initiative.

“Carabao’s milk plays a vital role in the communities of Bongabon, and we value this partnership with DA-PCC. We hope that the knowledge gained by our participants today will be put into practice,” Valmonte said.

Estella Valiente, head of SEERS, who also served as the speaker, discussed topics on carabao-based enterprises and factors influencing their successful implementation. She emphasized the significance of having a vision when venturing into the carabao business.

“Our vision serves as a map for our goals. It’s not enough that we’re just eager; we have to deepen our understanding,” Valiente said.

Dr. Clarissa Odsigue, NDBH Research Specialist, gave a lecture on the potential challenges in carabao farming. She emphasized the significance of providing appropriate treatment and feeding to the carabaos. She also pointed out that improper management could lead to financial burdens for farmers.

“We should be paying attention to what we give to our carabaos, from their shelter down to the water we provide,” shared Dr. Odsigue.

She noted that if the water is safe enough for people to drink, it should be the standard for what we give to carabaos.