Buffalo Raisers of the Philippines learn PCC’s programs

An attempt to extend anew the benefits of Carabao Development Program (CDP) to local dairy farmers was done during the interaction meeting between Buffalo Raisers of the Philippines (BRP) and Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) last August 26.

In his opening remarks, PCC acting executive director Dr. Arnel del Barrio, who also acts as co-administrator of BRP Facebook page mentioned that the event was a beginning of a strong partnership to propel the carabao industry in the country.

Dr. Del Barrio challenged the 84 members of BRP who joined the meeting to strengthen their commitment in developing their lives thru carabaos and make a way in the CDP which will open-up opportunities in producing good milk, meat, and hide output.

“We will help them to know the best practices and technologies in the carabao-based industry to make them experience the fullest benefits that their dairy animals can give to them,” Dr. Del Barrio said.

Moreover, operations chief Mr. Honorato Baltazar gave an introduction about the mandate of PCC since most of the members of BRP are not yet assisted by the agency.

Included in the objectives of the open-forum style program is to determine the kind of assistance PCC will provide to the members of BRP, thus Baltazar identified possible areas that can be worked on such as policy formulation, capital formation, convergence for socio-economic development, and public image building.

Baltazar explained that the intervention of PCC’s program to the workflow of BRP can lead to job generation and local dairy development.

Meanwhile, the interaction meeting featured selected farmers to share their stories in carabao raising which included Mr. Richard Reyes, a former OFW in Taiwan who started in the carabao-based industry in 2010 and now owns 42 carabaos.

Reyes is the chairman of the newly-formed Villa de Bacolor Dairy Farmers’ Association, and during his testimony, he recalled how his father influenced him to love carabaos and appreciate its advantages over other ruminants. From two liters of milk output in 2010, he now gets a minimum of 42 liters a day enabling him to acquire a 100-hectare land property.

Aside from Reyes, Mr. Charlie Suarez, a cock fighting specialist who owns the Candice Jean Gamefarm; Ms. Catalina Visda, member of Pulong Buli Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Mr. Leoncio Callo, chairman of Catalanacan MPC; Mr. Melchor Correa, chairman of Eastern Primary MPC; and Mr. Amado Cruz from Bulacan shared their respective beginnings in the carabao industry.
“1000%, there is a huge profit with carabaos. We just need to take good care of them,” Reyes said.

Also, present in the open-forum were Planning and Information Management Division chief Dr. Liza Battad, and PCC at Central Luzon State University center director Dr. Daniel Aquino.