Carabao parade enlivens festival in Mati City

During the recent “Kabaw sa Kadalanan (Carabao Float Parade)” on October 27, farmer-carabao duos proudly displayed their float adorned with the city’s abundant harvests through the streets of Mati City, Davao Oriental.

The Kabaw sa Kadalanan is a prominent feature of the 23rd Sambuokan Festival and 3rd Abunda Festival. This event aims to exhibit the city’s unique crafts, plentiful harvests, and the advancements in its agricultural sector.

Mati City Vice Mayor Lorenzo Leon Rabat expressed that this event demonstrates the city government’s commitment to bolstering food security for its residents.

Benjamin John C. Basilio, center director of DA-Philippine Carabao Center at USM, was among the judges for the competition, praising Mayor Michelle Rabat and the City’s Agriculture Office for their continuous support to DA-PCC.

The Kalaparan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association, a DA-PCC at USM supported organization, participated in the parade, showcasing their dairy products and crossbred buffaloes.

“This event serves as a platform to enlighten Matinians about the diverse roles of carabaos. Presenting carabao milk and crossbred carabaos showcases to the public the potential for increased profit and benefits beyond their traditional use in farming,” stated Nasrola Ibrahim, DA-PCC at USM Carabao-based Enterprise Development program coordinator.

Derived from the Mandaya term “buok,” meaning “one,” Sambuokan is an annual celebration promoting unity and oneness among the people of Mati.