Carabao’s milk delights Kalinga’s Bodong Fest attendees

The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Carabao Center at Cagayan State University (DA-PCC at CSU) showcased the high-quality carabao’s milk, highlighting its creamy texture, rich flavor, and impressive nutritional profile during the celebration of the 5th Bodong Festival and 29th Founding Anniversary of Kalinga from February 12 to 16, 2024 in Tabuk City.

Both children and adults formed a queue to try out this product, which they described as fresh, delicious, and nutritious. Many of the guests commended the milk’s natural sweetness and lack of the strong flavor frequently associated with cow’s milk.

During the event, the representatives from DA-PCC at CSU provided valuable information about carabao’s milk. They highlighted that carabao’s milk is not only refreshing but also contains higher levels of calcium, vitamins, and minerals compared to cow’s milk. Moreover, it has lower levels of cholesterol and lactose, which makes it an ideal source of essential nutrients, particularly for individuals with lactose intolerance or those who are looking for a heart-healthy option.