Carabeef gastronomic delights
A list of must-try carabeef dishes from Luzon to Visayas

With more and more Filipinos discovering a whole new world of gastronomic delights using carabeef as their prime ingredient to a dish, the water buffalo meat is now gaining attention in the local markets and in many Filipino restaurants.

The current demand for carabeef is due to recent studies, which showed that buffaloes are better source of quality meat than cattle due to its high palatability, physiochemical, and nutritional characteristics.

Carabeef is a hit among health-conscious individuals, experts said, because it contains 40% less cholesterol and 55% less calories while it has 11% more protein and 10% more mineral compared to beef.

If you are on the search for some carabeef dishes to eat, here are some popular Filipino dishes made from carabeef to try and where to find them: