Central milk plant staff train on production efficiency, good manufacturing practices

A two-day seminar on the Production Process Efficiency and Good Manufacturing Practices was held on June 28-29 at the Philippine Carabao Center�s (PCC) Central Milk Processing Plant. It was aimed at setting up a system for the operation of the dairy plant and for the improvement of its production efficiency and processes.

Leonardo G. Gorospe, a freelance technical and training consultant of manufacturing operation, served as the resource speaker during the seminar. The seminar was participated in by 17 production plant staff members of PCC. It was facilitated and coordinated by Jean G. Gasme�a, Chief Accountant and Patrizia Camille O. Saturno, Dairy Plant Manager.

According to Gorospe, the production equipment of PCC should undergo quality testing, which include receiving vat and weighing scale, plate cooler, raw milk cooling tank, pre-mixing tank, mixing tank, continuous pasteurizer, homogenizer, storage tank, volumetric bottle filling machine, and form-fill seal machine, in order to ensure the efficiency of production.

�To develop our production and financial system, let us be open to those areas that need improvement,� Ms. Gasme�a, one of the facilitators and coordinators of the training, said.

The first day of the seminar involved two hours of personalized or on-sight coaching of the speaker by inspecting the current condition of the process flow and the different areas of the plant to assess what aspect needs improvement. He also lectured on the process flow system, general management production, inventory management, basic hygiene and food hygiene.

The production staff was also asked to fill-out a daily Production Report form to indicate information about the raw materials� beginning inventory, requisition, production usage, lab sample, total usage, wastage damage, and others. More lectures were delivered on the second day to reinforce the lessons learned from the first day.

�Dahil sa isinagawang seminar, yung mga staff ng planta mas na-inform at naging knowledgeable kung ano ang cause and effect kapag ginawa nila yung mga do�s and don�ts sa planta. Nakatulong sa�min yung seminar para mamaximize yung mga tao at yung machine kasi doon tayo nag-iinvest (Thru the seminar conducted, the plant�s staff was informed and became more knowledgeable on the cause and effect if they commit do�s and don�ts in the plant. The seminar helped us maximize the manpower and machine in which we invest a lot),� Saturno, plant manager, said.