DA-PCC at USF trains more AI technicians

The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Carabao Center at Ubay Stock Farm (DA-PCC at USF) commenced the training on intensified reproductive management and welcomed the 44th batch of trainees for Basic Artificial Insemination (AI) and Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD) for Large Ruminants on April 11 in Lomangog, Ubay, Bohol.

The participants are aspiring Visayans from Bohol and Cebu who wish to become AI technicians, while the other three are staff of DA-PCC at USF who want to advance their skills in intensified reproductive management.

Bonifacia Granada, the AI training coordinator of the center, stressed the pivotal role of AI technicians in increasing the production of genetically improved carabaos in the countryside.

“The purpose of DA-PCC is to upgrade the breed of the carabaos of the farmers,” Granada emphasized.

“Thus, to ensure continuity of the genetic improvement program in the field and to cope with the agency’s increasing target on calf and consequently milk production, the center had programmed at least two (2) trainings every year,” Granada explained.

Dr. Maria Dinah Loculan, center director of the DA-PCC at USF, inspired the participants with the income opportunities of an AI technician. She said that the center is giving incentives to every conduct of AI and PD and an additional one for every calf produced from the said breeding technique. This is on top of the AI fee they will receive from the farmers, especially the village-based AI technicians (VBAITs).

Dr. Loculan further encouraged the trainees to be more inquisitive and eager to learn throughout the training, particularly about the “skill” component.

“Above all, it is important to uphold honesty, particularly when communicating with farmers regarding the actual condition of their carabaos, so that they will perceive the sincerity of our service,” Dr. Loculan continued.

Since 2006, DA-PCC at USF has trained 561 AI technicians from Regions 6, 7, and 8. However, only half of them are actively doing AI, as some of them took another living path, were retired, worked overseas, or were deceased.

Granada stated that in addition to supporting the agency’s upgrading program, the AI technician could also assist in educating and training the farmer in milk collection after the inseminated carabao gives birth. This is because the collected milk will be processed and eventually sold, particularly in light of the current implementation of the milk-feeding program.

The training will run for 24 days and conclude on May 3, 2024. It comprises a three-day lecture, a one-week practicum at DA-PCC at USF farm, and a two-week practice in the field.