DA-PCC highlights unity in advancing cara-industry in Mindanao

Situated amidst a diverse cultural landscape on Mindanao island, the DA-Philippine Carabao Center showcased unity in advancing the carabao industry despite cultural differences.

With centers across Mindanao, including DA-PCC at USM in Cotabato, DA-PCC at Central Mindanao University in Bukidnon, and DA-PCC at Mindanao Livestock Production Center in Zamboanga, the agency fosters strong partnerships, as emphasized during its Mindanao island cluster anniversary celebration with the theme “Excellence in Unity” held today, March 14, at the University of Southern Mindanao in Kabacan, Cotabato.

“Wow, Carabao! One Mindanao!” exclaimed DA-PCC at USM Center Director Geoffray R. Atok, as he delivered his welcome remarks during the island cluster anniversary event. He highlighted the steadfast support of various agencies in reaching milestones in the Carabao Development Program across the southern part of the country.

Board Member Jonathan Tabara, representing Cotabato Governor Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza as the keynote speaker, emphasized the provincial government’s robust support for advancing the carabao industry. He announced the allocation of funds by Cotabato Province this year to procure dairy buffaloes, which will aid the country’s agricultural sector in achieving milk sufficiency.

In addition, Governor Mendoza approved the Provincial Ordinance 684 also known as the Enhanced Carabao Propagation and Promotion authored by Board Member Tabara. This resolution is poised to help DA-PCC in achieving carabao industry goals in the province.

DA-PCC Executive Director Dr. Liza Battad also delivered the noteworthy advancements made in the Mindanao island throughout the years of CDP implementation.

“PCC has changed the profile of the carabao population—darker, stockier, smarter, stronger…a resilient beast of burden no more but of fortune. The carabao is now a national symbol of hope for myriads of lives and farming communities. From these ripples of effect, we are now witness to a fresh perspective on caring for them—a perspective, indeed, of a great future established by testimonies of carapreneurs,” Dr. Battad said.

“We are here today because of YOU who stayed by us and with us and taught us about grit and resilience. We have courage to forge on without reluctance, simply because we stand firm on our shared vision of fostering innovation and transforming communities,” she added.

Activities such as ceremonial turnover of new ALAB-Karbawan project sites in Mindanao, dairy boxes exhibit, symbolic act of unity, and vowed commitment of partners took spotlight during the island celebration.

In his closing message, Deputy Executive Director Dr. Caro B. Salces emphasized the importance of individual culture as the cornerstone of excellence, saying: “The core values are the foundation of excellence. If there is excellence, there should be unity in order to achieve our goals.”