DA-PCC holds Policy Formulation training workshop for co-ops

The DA-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC) conducted a virtual Policy Formulation training workshop for its assisted cooperatives on April 26-27.

Said activity aims to enhance and enrich the knowledge of cooperative managers and boards of directors on policy formulation and implementation.

Atty. Roney Jone Gandeza, a law professor at the University of Cordilleras, provided insights on effective policy writing during the two-day activity.

He emphasized three crucial aspects of policymaking—the policy must be: (1) known and understood by all those affected; (2)realistic; (3) and consistent.

“It’s sad that some of our co-op leaders tend to replicate the writings of a lawyer,” Atty. Gandeza said, which encouraged the participants to re-evaluate and calibrate their current Constitution and By-laws (CBL).

“To be honest, we were clueless in developing our policy, but the discussion enlightened us,” Mercy, a co-op member participant, stated. 

Moreover, the participants were able to practice the lessons they had learned from the training by drafting a policy regarding habitual tardiness during the workshop. 

“This training magnified the reality that our co-op really needs a generic template in making a policy,” Estella Valiente, Socio-Economics and Policy Section head, said during her closing remarks.