DA-PCC strengthens herd buildup with training on silage production

The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC) is taking a step forward in its nationwide Dairy Herd Buildup Program (DHBP) by partnering with local farmers to ensure sustainable feed supply for its expanding buffalo herd.

On February 6, the DA-PCC at Cagayan State University (DA-PCC at CSU) conducted an “Integrated Training Program for Improved Corn Silage Production, Conservation, and Utilization in Dairy Buffalo Farming” for the farmer-members of Ar Vyk Eco-Farm in Sta. Maria, Isabela.

This initiative, facilitated by the DA-PCC’s Production System and Nutrition Section (PSNS), equipped farmers with the knowledge and skills to produce high-quality corn silage, a crucial feed source for dairy buffaloes. The training covered best practices for corn cultivation, effective silage conservation techniques, and the potential for turning silage production into a profitable business venture.

“The DHBP requires a reliable and sustainable feed source to optimize the health and milk production of our buffaloes,” said Dr. Rovina R. Piñera, OIC-center director of DA-PCC at CSU.

“We hope that after this training program, you will have a better appreciation of the benefits of silage production and eventually consider venturing into it. Imagine turning knowledge into a thriving business, you will not only be supplying for the DHBP but also catering to the wider ruminant farming community in the region. This could be a game-changer, addressing feed scarcity and making high-quality silage readily available to all,” Dr. Piñera added.

This partnership between the DA-PCC and Ar Vyk Eco-Farm exemplifies the agency’s commitment to building strong collaborations with local stakeholders. By empowering local communities and businesses, the DHBP can achieve its goal of increasing the national dairy buffalo herd and boosting local milk production, contributing to food security and economic development not only in Region II but nationwide.