DA-PCC tops fiscal management rankings at DA year-end financial assessment

The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC) emerged as the leading agency showcasing sustained and efficient financial and cash management practices for the fiscal year 2023 among all the DA Regional Field Offices, bureaus, and attached agencies.

This recognition came about during the DA’s Year-End Financial Evaluation and Assessment for FY 2023, held in Baguio City from March 11 to 15, 2024.

The DA-PCC also clinched its fourth consecutive award as the first place in the attached agency category. This award recognizes the agency’s continuous commitment and dedication to managing its financial resources from 2020 to 2023 effectively.

Said awards highlight DA-PCC’s ongoing commitment to serving its clients with efficiency and accountability, ensuring the judicious use of taxpayers’ money. They also exemplify the proper coordination, planning, and congruence between the agency’s operating units and the administrative, financial, and management groups. With these recognitions, the agency is devoted to introducing different innovative initiatives to streamline its systems and processes.

Cherry Pearl Rivera, head of DA-PCC’s accounting section, along with Angelica Villa, accepted the awards on behalf of DA-PCC, signifying its ongoing efforts to maintain high standards of financial management and operational efficiency.