DA-PCC treats mom-employees to a day in the spa

Employees who are mothers in the DA-PCC headquarters were treated to a day in the salon as a tribute to them in celebration of Mother’s Day last May 11-13.

The DA-PCC’s Human Resource Management Section (HRMS) headed by Cecilia C. Abo organized this Mother’s Day Special to give its mom-employees a quick respite from their usual routines with a little pampering. Those who availed of the treat were offered with parlor services including hair rebonding and treatment and a choice of massage or foot care—all on the house.

The personal care treat for the mom-employees of DA-PCC was just a simple way to appreciate their hard work at home and at work. This, according to the organizers, is expected to somehow recognize the important role of mothers in modeling a nurturing environment in the workplace as a way to boost productivity.

One of the special treat recipients, Minda Diloy, who is also the Agency’s Management Systems Audit representative, said this is a very good initiative because when a company rewards its employees they are likely to be motivated to perform better. 

Feedback from the other moms concluded that this initiative was well received and more of this creative employee reward system are expected to become a mainstay in the Agency’s human resource development plan.

With 34 participants, the mom’s day treat was held at the DA-PCC national headquarters.