DA-PCC’s repro biotech scientist upgraded in rank by SCS

Dr. Danilda “Dang” Duran, DA-PCC’s Senior Agriculturist, has been upgraded to Career Scientist II under the Scientific Career System by the Department of Science and Technology and the Civil Service Commission effective January 27, 2023.

As a scientist in animal reproductive biotechnology, Dr. Dang dabbles in conducting research at the DA-PCC Reproduction and Physiology Section.

She specializes in the following: production and cryopreservation of water buffalo embryos, separation of motile and non-motile sperm cells of bulls with low post-thaw motilities, and use of embryo transfer that resulted in the birth of live calves and realization of advanced reproductive biotechnologies as a tool for genetic improvement in water buffaloes.
She also demonstrated the efficiency of using Fourier Harmonic Analysis in classifying high- and low-fertility bulls and addressing the problems of inactive/non-performing bulls to enhance buffalo calf production in the country.

“I want to concentrate on solving the issues affecting inactive and underperforming bulls to optimize their reproduction potentials. Addressing this problem is necessary since it has an impact on calf and milk production, buffalo farming profitability, and the livestock industry in general,” Dr. Dang shared.

Dr. Dang has made significant contributions in the field of animal reproductive biotechnology and has won numerous accolades for her work as a researcher. To name a few, she was an Achievement Awardee of the National Research Council of the Philippines, a Life and Work Awardee of the International Buffalo Federation, and a Distinguished Researcher in Animal Science by the Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. and the Philippine Society of Animal Science.