Dr. Liza Battad reports back as DA-PCC Exec. Director, underscores resilience and unity

“A resilient leader recognizes that adversity is part of life and leadership. We cannot control the actions or opinions of others but we can control our own reactions and responses. Instead of being weighed down by negativity, we use it as fuel to drive our determination and resilience.”

Dr. Liza Battad, executive director of the DA-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC), bared this realization and shared her ways forward, as she returned to her mother agency after her stint as Technical Adviser to the Department of Agriculture (DA).

In a welcome ceremony this morning, January 29, Dr. Battad encouraged the PCCeans to work together as a family, recognizing the value of their abilities in serving both DA-PCC and its clients. She urged them to persevere and maintain a positive work environment despite challenges.

She also emphasized the need for an “equity culture,” fostering a psychologically safe workplace for both regular and contractual employees to freely share ideas and opinions. This, she believes, will contribute to the overall performance of the agency in meaningfully serving its clients.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts of various agencies, Dr. Battad stressed the importance of partnerships to bring about positive impact and support the upscaling initiatives of DA-PCC. She called for support for those directly involved in the industry and advocated for relevant policies to aid business start-ups and provide assistance through credit facilities.

She also extended her gratitude to Dr. Caro Salces, DA-PCC deputy executive director, for steering the agency in her absence to perform its deliverables for 2023. Dr. Salces, in turn, outlined the agency’s achievements in the past year aligned with the DA-PCC core values. Among the accomplishments under his leadership were the seamless transition of DA-PCC management, surpassing major final output targets, successful implementation of programs, and scaling up contributions to the industry.

Dr. Battad wore her heart on her sleeve, saying, “I’m home. Thank you for welcoming me back home,” embodying her commitment to leading the DA-PCC with grit and resilience.