Hats off to the latest FLS-DBP graduates

DON CARLOS, BUKIDNON— The Philippine Carabao Center at Central Mindanao University (PCC@CMU), in partnership with the municipality of Don Carlos, spearheaded the first graduation ceremony in Bukidnon on Farmers Livestock School on Dairy Buffalo Production (FLS-DBP) at the Abellanosa’s Learning Site, San Francisco, Don Carlos, Bukidnon on April 11.

The FLS-DBP classes started on August 8, 2018 and ended on April 11, 2019 with Thursday mornings as the scheduled class time. Out of 36 enroIlees, 20 completed the learning modality successfully.

The municipality identified three barangays as target communities of FLS-DBP, namely San Francisco, New Visayas, and Kalubihon.

According to Dr. Elena Paraguas, one of the facilitators, the FLS-DBP aims to empower farmers to engage in dairy buffalo production and apply their learnings on technology options.

“This is not the end of the program but just the beginning. I hope the graduates will use their learnings to venture in profitable dairy buffalo production,” Dr. Paraguas said.

Merlyn Los Baños, municipal agriculturist of Don Carlos, expressed her words of gratitude to the people behind the success of the FLS-DBP.

“I will always be thankful to PCC at CMU for their effort and unwavering support to this program. My salute to the facilitators for their patience in sharing their expertise to our dear graduates,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rovelyn Jacang, science research specialist I of the PCC’s Knowledge Management Division, also graced the event to give a message to the graduates.

“FLS-DBP offers you a range of options to improve your buffalo-based venture. It’s now up to you [graduates] to choose from these array of choices. The ‘real’ training for you begins when you apply your learnings,” Jacang said.

Nida Abellanosa, one of the graduates, shared her experiences throughout the training. She said the training honed her knowledge on dairy buffalo production and that she is excited to try them out in their actual and day-to-day operations.

“I am privileged to be part of this rare opportunity to learn additional technologies and techniques in raising dairy buffaloes,” Abellanosa shared.

On the other hand, Dr. Lowell Paraguas, center director of PCC at CMU, mentioned about the implementation of R.A. 11037 in his closing remarks.

“We call on all the dairy farmers to answer the challenge of the government that we aggressively embark on a wide-scale milk feeding program. As we take on this challenge together, we will be needing more producers of milk to meet the high demand,” he said.

“PCC at CMU is willing to assist and guide you in raising dairy buffaloes. We can’t do it alone without you [graduates],” he added.

From among the participants, the facilitators selected the top 5 to receive gold medals in recognition of their exemplary performance during the training, namely Lauren Aurita, Lourdes Decipolo, Bernalda Aurita, Fredie Janiola, and Nida Abellanosa.