Cong. JV Ejercito pledges support to local dairy industry

Congressman Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito made a commitment to support the local dairy industry in whatever way he can if ever he gets a seat in the Senate come May 2013 national elections. He made this promise in front of dairy buffalo farmers and cooperatives in Nueva Ecija which is the National Impact Zone of […]

Philippines to host 9th ARBS conference

Deliberate efforts on livestock biotechnology development are continuously being done in the Philippines and are constantly translated into promising results. Because of this, the executive committee of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society (ARBS) chose the Philippines, through the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), as the host for the 9th ARBS conference on October 23-28. The event […]

KOICA installs new equipment in PCC; GIP expected to boost

The Philippine Carabao Center’s (PCC) genetic improvement program (GIP) has been strengthened some more with the installation of various laboratory equipment provided by the PCC-Korean International Coordination Agency (KOICA) project. The project titled “Enhancing Livestock Sector Performance in the Philippines”, made possible the installation of 50 new pieces of equipment in the PCC main headquarters […]

More precised breeding of livestock high in production traits, achievable soon; PCC takes important role in International Buffalo Genome Consortium

Accurate prediction of genetic merits in water buffaloes is expected to pave the way for hastened genomic selection of animals with attributes that spell out high economic importance. Precision in the selection of animals with, for instance, excellent milk and meat production capabilities, helps breeders propagate animals with high genetic merit only. This then ensures […]

PCC celebrates 19th anniversary, pays tribute to farmer-partners

As a tribute to the carabao, the farmers’ indispensable ally in the farm and other worthwhile services to the people, the Philippine Carabao Center will hold “Pistang Kalabaw” during the agency’s celebration of its 19th founding anniversary on March 30. The celebration will revolve around the “Pagpupugay sa Dakilang Kaapagay ng Magsasaka’t Bayan” (A salute […]

PCC takes part in Kabisig Gov’t Expo

With its banner programs, services, and accomplishments, the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) joined in the drive to show the ‘good news’ from the government. Along with other government agencies, PCC showcased its contributions in helping Filipino farmers through its programs and notable accomplishments in the area of, for example, carabao-based enterprise development. Said event was […]

PCC central processing plant to produce soon quality cheeses

High value cheeses from buffalo’s milk will be produced starting early next year by the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) Central Processing and Collection Plant. This projected plan was bolstered by the completion recently of three PCC staff members in a training program on cheese processing/production. Their training was carried on at the Korea Institute of […]