‘Karbaw Magasin’ is Binhi Awards’ Best Agri Government Publication

The DA-Philippine Carabao Center’s (DA-PCC) “Karbaw Magasin” has bagged the 2022 Binhi Awards’ “Best Agri Government Publication” during the awarding ceremony held today at the National Food Authority Building in Quezon City.

The Binhi Awards is a prestigious award-giving body of the Philippine Agricultural Journalists (PAJ) in cooperation with the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) to pay tribute to the exceptional contributions and achievements of the country’s agricultural journalists and government information officers involved in agri-related matters.

“Karbaw (a Hiligaynon word which means “carabao” or “buffalo”) Magasin” is a quarterly publication written in Filipino, featuring success stories of carapreneurs and other value chain players in the carabao industry. This magazine extensively covers topics related to the Carabao Development Program, encompassing innovative dairy carabao farming practices, scientific breakthroughs, and the socioeconomic impact of carapreneurship. on rural farming communities.

The publication’s team of editors, writers, layout artists, and photographers collaborate to bring agriculture stories to life, weaving together informative articles, in-depth interviews, engaging visuals, and success stories from various stakeholders.

Karbaw Magasin is produced by the Applied Communication Section (ACS) of the Knowledge Management Division (KMD). It is edited by KMD chief Dr. Eric Palacpac and ACS-KMD head Rowena Galang, managed by Ma. Cecilia Irang-Mariano, and laid out by Dine Yve Daganos. Its writers Ma. Cecilia Irang-Mariano, Ronaline Canute, Dine Yve Daganos, Rovelyn Jacang, and the DA-PCC’s regional knowledge managers are regular contributors.

Dr. Palacpac conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the recognition and extended warm congratulations to the team.

“I am sincerely grateful to all of you who have breathed life into Karbaw Magasin throughout these years. Thank you for your unwavering passion, hard work, and dedication,” he expressed.

According to PAJ President Fermin Diaz, this year’s Binhi Awards contest, themed “Sharpening our pens towards recovery,” garnered a total of 67 entries. However, following a rigorous screening process, only 37 entries advanced to the judging stage.

The competition encompassed various categories, both minor and major, such as Agri Photojournalist of the Year, Agri Broadcast Journalist of the Year, Agri Beat Reporter of the Year, Best Agri-related Social Media Page, and Best Agri-related Advocacy Campaign, among others.