LGU-Asingan supports BSNMPC’s 1st carabao meat, milk fest

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Asingan, under the leadership of Mayor Carlos F. Lopez Jr., rallies behind the Bantog Samahang Nayon Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BSNMPC) as it gears up to host the first-ever Carabao Meat and Milk Festival in the Philippines.

Scheduled to take place from April 19 to 21 in Bantog, Asingan, Pangasinan, this event aims to showcase opportunities anchored on the carabao industry.

Mayor Lopez expressed his support and provided invaluable insights to ensure the success of BSNMPC’s initiative. He emphasized the importance of highlighting the potential and significance of the carabao industry, not just locally but on a broader scale.

The much-anticipated three-day festival will include an array of engaging activities such as a motorcade and program to recognize co-op partner agencies, a drum and lyre exhibition, competitions such as carabao dress-up and street dancing, and cooking with carabao meat as the main course and milk as the dessert, among others.

BSNMPC’s carabao-based products, including meat and dairy delicacies, will be featured in booths throughout the festival grounds. Additionally, products from co-ops assisted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will also be showcased to highlight the collaborative efforts in promoting local products and sustainable livelihoods.

The LGU-Asingan offers support in event planning, communication, and guest invitations, provision of two trucks for the motorcade, and ensuring peace and order through the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Mayor Lopez’s personal commitment to the cooperative’s endeavors is evident in his proactive backing of its carabao business initiatives. Aside from his support for the upcoming festival, he has also initiated turning the carabao farms of the co-op members into tourist attractions, as this helps boost their livelihood and promote their products.

Recognizing the significance of the carabao, LGU-Asingan has prioritized it as a key commodity, as evidenced by their funding of the LGU-led Milk Feeding Program. They continue to steadfastly support related initiatives of assisted cooperatives like BSNMPC within the municipality.

With such valuable contributions to the Carabao Development Program implementation of the DA-PCC at DMMMSU, the LGU-Asingan received an award from the DA-PCC during the Luzon Cluster anniversary celebration at the CLSU gymnasium earlier this month.

The DA-PCC took this as an opportunity to extend its gratitude by recognizing its partners and supporters to build a stronger bond and foster potential partnerships.

LGU-Asingan is a strong supporter of DA-PCC at DMMMSU in its program implementation, which helps in shaping the lives of carapreneurs.