Service Standard
Clients may inquire for assistance for the following marketing and business aspects.
  1. Establishment of a dairy farming business, a dairy/meat products outlet, or a silage production business.
  2. Consultancy for aiding business decision making.
  3. Brand and logo development.
  4. Request for business and marketing trainings.
  5. Inquiry on assessing their profitability to help them in performing business decisions particularly market expansion.
  6. Request for any data relative to PCC’s business and marketing related projects.


1. File Request to PCC Filled-Out Service Request
Form from Business Development and Commercialization Unit or National Impact Zone or CBED Coordinator
Requesting Party 3 minutes
2. Discuss the terms of the request with the
appropriate PCC staff
 Depending on the nature of the service requested, written supporting documents. Requesting party and the appropriate BDCU, NIZ or CBED staff 10 to 30 minutes
3. Approval of the request Approved request form BDCU, NIZ or CBED Staff 1 minute
4. Secure Service Agreement Terms of Reference BDCU, NIZ or CBED Staff 15 minutes
5. Delivery of the service All approved documents and promised supporting documents coming from client as prerequisite to the request. Requesting party and the appropriate BDCU, NIZ or CBED staff 1 to 5 days or longer depending on the nature of the request.