Meet the new meat!

Kardeli, DA-PCC’s brand of carabao’s meat, is now available all day with pre-cooked specials for dine-in or for takeout at its name store that opens today at the Milka Krem compound in the Science City of Muñoz.

The soft launching of Kardeli All-Day Diner marks the opening day for the weeklong 30th anniversary celebration of DA-PCC.

The diner offers various premium carabao’s meat products such as pre-packaged choice cuts, gourmet sausages, and quick meals and snacks such as “pares mami” and “lugaw”. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..

The diner is a collaborative project of the Aces Philproducers Corporation, a subsidiary of ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative, and DA-PCC with the former as the operator of the store.

Kardeli is a portmanteau of the words “carabao” and “delicacy”. The brand was launched in 2016 introducing it to the public as a tender meat debunking the perception that carabao’s meat is tough and has an after-taste.BGen. Manuel Natividad, chairperson of Aces Phil Producers Corporation and vice chairperson of ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative, led the opening ceremonies with Dr. Caro B. Salces, OIC executive director of DA-PCC.

Dr. Ronnie Domingo, former OIC executive director of DA-PCC, and Rev. Fr. Rufo Ramil H. Cruz, the chaplain who officiated the blessing of the store, joined the ribbon-cutting ceremonies.