NEFEDCCO opens new branch store

The Nueva Ecija Federation of Dairy Carabao Cooperatives (NEFEDCCO) recently opened its new branch store “Cremeria Ecijana” to bring buffalo milk products closer to the market for wider customer reach last May 30 along Maharlika Highway, Pinagpanaan, Talavera in Nueva Ecija.

NEFEDCCO serves as the umbrella organization and marketing arm of dairy cooperatives formed under the guidance of PCC in the province which has been designated as the national impact zone (NIZ) for the carabao development program.

Its main store and milk collection and processing center is located at barangay San Ricardo, Talavera, Nueva Ecija which produces and markets fresh, pasteurized, non-fat and flavored milk drinks (pandan, lacto-juice, coffee, strawberry and choco), pastillas (pastillas de leche, plain pastillas, yema pastillas, and ube pastillas), cheeses (cottage cheese, quick-melt white cheese, paneer and plain white cheese), yogurt drinks, leche flan, ice candy and ice cream.

Said products are also available in the branch store and NEFEDCCO now entertains and accepts additional buffalo milk treats from consigned local entrepreneurs such as milkaroons, bibingkang gatas and macapuno which are being developed by the Catalanacan Multi-Purpose Cooperative, a PCC-assisted dairy cooperative.

According to NEFEDCCO chairman Gerardo F. delos Santos, they will also display different carabeef products in the future after ironing out standard requirements.

“We want this branch store to be completely packaged, offering not only milk-based products but meat as well,” he said.

He added that they are also planning the same expansion in Quezon City and other parts of Luzon if the venture of the Pinagpanaan branch store becomes a hit.

Other promotional activities, according to chairman delos Santos, include leaflet distribution to terminals and passersby and the use of social media through a dedicated facebook page for its products.

Dr. Arnel N. Del Barrio, PCC acting executive director, promised to support NEFEDCCO in its endeavor and left a piece of advice to the people behind the federation.

“As you expand your market, it is important that you maintain the good quality, availability, and speedy delivery of your products. To top this all, good customer service must always be your way of practice. If you consistently do this, customers will freely come and patronize your products and they themselves will become ambassadors of your store and products,” he said.