PCC anniversary celebration underscores R4D

“It’s about time that research activities and technology development efforts are directed toward addressing the needs of farmers, particularly on how they can earn more and how their work can be lessened.”


This call was aired by Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala in his message delivered by Assistant Secretary for Livestock Davinio P. Catbagan during the anniversary program held March 27 Munoz, Nueva Ecija in observance of the 21st founding anniversary of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC).


“The celebration’s theme, ‘Leading a Noble Paradigm: Research for Development,’ is timely in light of recent developments in the agriculture and livestock sectors, particularly the upcoming ASEAN integration in 2015,” Sec. Alcala added.


The PCC is taking a shift in its research agenda, from R&D to “R4D” (Research for Development), which encourages the agency’s researchers to conduct studies that have practical application in the livestock industry.


“This shift will improve the efficiency of PCC’s operations in terms of budget and manpower,” Sec. Alcala noted.


To formally launch the agency’s new research direction, Dr. Eric P. Palacpac, PCC national R4D coordinator, presented the newly crafted R4D agenda.


In his presentation, he pointed out the difference between research and development (R&D) approach as opposed to research for development (R4D) and why there is a need for a new paradigm.


R&D utilizes the knowledge-initiated approach directed primarily towards generating information or knowledge without necessitating any practical application. R4D, on the other hand, puts emphasis on development as the end-result of research. Research undertakings are problem-focused and relevant to the concerns of the industry it serves, he explained.


In the case of PCC, researches conducted should have practical applications in the livestock industry and in the carabao sector, in particular, to better serve its partners and clienteles, especially the farmers, he added.


Meanwhile, PCC’s outstanding employees and partner stakeholders who continue to support and contribute to the realization of PCC’s mandates were honored during the anniversary program.


Other highlights of the celebration included the inauguration of an electronic milking parlor at the PCC gene pool and a Farmers’ Field Day participated in by dairy farmers from the agency’s National Impact Zone (NIZ) and several Regional Impact Zones (RIZ). Model farmers from the NIZ and some PCC technical staff showcased different PCC-developed technologies to the farmer-participants and encouraged them to adopt and apply the technologies in their carabao and milk production activities.